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Where is the best Gelato in Rome, Italy?

Asked by bdelpesco (6points) June 17th, 2007

I'll be staying near piazza navonna, and the weather will be sweaty. Daily gelato stops will be high on the list of To-Do's.

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There is a big debate about this in Rome. The two competitors are Giolitti and San Crispino. San Crispino has fewer flavors but they are fancier. Giolitti is crammed with people all the time. I also like a chain called Blue Ice which is all around the city.

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I don't know, but when I was in Rome with some friends we stumbled upon a gelateria with mostly savory (ei, not sweet) flavors. We tried tomato-basil, then garlic. YUCK!!!

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honestly i'm pretty sure it's actually much better in florence. i have no idea why that is, but as far as gelato is concerned, that was my somewhat well tested (and tasted) experience. :)

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I can tell you where it's not the best -- McDonald's!

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Check out their website:

This is the BEST gellato you will ever taste! Pellachio is located in Rome, Italy at 103 Via Cola di Rienzo, Telephone number is: 06.3210807

Try the Banana gellato! Addictive!

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I am afraid the wonderful Pellacchia is closing :((
Fassi, in via Principe Eugenio, got some good reviews here:

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