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Do you know anyone who loves the warm summer months who doesn't have air conditioning?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) August 4th, 2011

All of the people I know who say they love summer have an air conditioned house, air conditioned workplace, and air conditioned car. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have air conditioning who says they love this hot, humid miserable weather.

Do you?

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My adoptive grandmother.

She lives in a house in the country that doesn’t have air conditioning. She is 83 years old and she has been living there her entire life.

She loves the summer. she is absolutely ridiculous.

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@KatetheGreat My husband and I have been watching a lot of old westerns lately and wondered how they wore such heavy clothes during the summer months back in the day.

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Well, it was just to keep them from getting their asses burnt. It was dangerous to go out with all of the heavy clothing.

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I have family that lives in California, and I have regularly visited them, and there is no air conditioning in the house… but the house rarely gets too hot, because of the way it is designed.

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They are my kind of people. I live in an old cracker barrelhouse that was built before the War, which is WWII for many who have forgotten. It has no air, I don’t work in an A/C office, and most cars I had were pre-owned so they didn’t have working air either. When I did have working air in a vehicle I rarely used it, I loved my gas mileage more. Summer heat is way more easier to beat then dank, wet numbing cold. I can go to the show, use their A/C, go swimming, lay back in the shade with a cold drink, mist myself under a fan, go shopping and use their A/C, take a cold shower, wash the car with a hose and bucket battle, many things. I can go from sun to a steep overhang with the wind blowing and be instantly cooler, I could go from open air to a overhang in winter and there is still coldness there, and when I get inside it takes almost 30 minutes for my toes, nose, and fingers to thaw out. Everything is wet outside, drop a receipt; it is soggy by the time you get to it, even if 4 seconds later. If it NEVER rained again, I would be a happy camper. If it never rained or snowed and the temperature never dipped below 89 deg. I would be in heaven.

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@Hypocrisy_Central boo, go away in your sweaty stinky sweat. ;)

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@Hypocrisy_Central You have a computer but you don’t have air conditioning? Priorities, man! Priorities!

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Well, I don’t know anyone who loves the winter who doesn’t have a heater…!

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Me :(

Yes, I am Canadian

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Well ,we need to clarify the definition of warm to get to the bottom of this.

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But I’d hardly call them “warm summer months”. More like mid 70’s fogbanks.

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@DominicX Oh snap. You win!

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Me…......I’m in England.

Okay, so I had the heater on last week I confess

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@DominicX Woot woot! Good point!

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@Hypocrisy_Central Just so you know, I do love summer now. now that i have air conditioning

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Side note, I’m working an IT job in an air conditioned office, with a sweet sound system on my computer. Paradise

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Nobody in England has AC. There wouldn’t be any point buying something that you might use only 3 days a year. :(

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No. I don’t know anyone without AC, but, how much they run it is variable.
I close my house early in the morning and have a really nice new ceiling fan in my living room. I usually use that and turn on the air only around 11 am-noon, depending on how hot it is going to be.
We have been staying in the 90–95 zone for weeks now.

A couple of 97–98 days, but have only broken 100 maybe 3–4 days all summer. Today was amazing, only 86, just perfect! The next 10 days is forecast to be 90–93.

I always open up the house and put the fans on around sunset, unless it in the 90’s still, and, I have my cold hot tub too. :-)

Right now it is an awesome 66 degrees at 11:28 pm PST, whole house open and I am listening to the horses tromp around in the ravine below my deck. I’ll leave my doors and windows open all tonight, as is usual for me. :-)

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I need to move to England.

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@jonsblond You and I both. The heat index was 118 here today and my AC broke.

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Me. We have no AC. In fact, I have never had air conditioning anywhere I’ve lived, East Coast, Midwest, or West Coast, in houses, dormitories, and apartments.

Most of the time here in the Bay Area we simply don’t need it. A few hot days—a little bitching and moaning, but really no problem. It’s altogether pleasant most of the time.

Even back in New England, where it really can get hot, and of course miserably humid as well, I’d still say I loved the summer months. I like all kinds of weather and I love all four seasons. That doesn’t mean I love every minute of uncomfortable weather, but the season is not just the weather.

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I love the warm summer months when I can open a window to let a fresh cool breeze blow through the house. Mother Nature provides the air conditioning in Scotland.

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My neighbor lives alone and does not have air conditioning in his house. It was 102 the other day and I wondered if he had survived.

He has no air conditioning, in fact, he has no electricity at all. Why? He has failed to pay his electric bill for the past year.

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I love the summer and do have air and would be just fine without it. My first house didn’t have air and couldn’t afford a window unit for 5 years and even then used it maybe 5 nights a year. I love the windows wide open with the summer breeze flowing over your sweat glazed body! Heaven!

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I only have AC at my office. No AC at home.
My favorite season is autumn, for obvious reasons.

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I like the summertime very much even when it is hot and humid,it explains the wild hair on top of my head too.
I have a window shaker but I don’t like to use it much .A fan in the window at night is all I need.

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Nope. I live in Arizona and keep a smirk for the people I occasionally overhear prattling on about how lovely it is here, how happy they are, blah. blah. 9 times out of 10 those people not only have a/c (they’d be dead otherwise) but they live in a particular niche area where grass lawns aren’t frowned on, lots of community water features, non-native trees densely planted in and vista views. The rest of us “low landers” muddle through with yards of colored rock and gravel arranged in novel designs and little mounds of cactuses.

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me, though sometimes it is toooo hotttt. I went to go give my roommate the extra fan the other morning when I was off to work because she was sleeping and the heat was breathtaking and she was litterally sleeping with her hand out the window, subconciously trying to get cool hahahha,. oh man. But yeah.
I love the summer.

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Thanks everyone for your answers.

still stinging from @DominicX.‘s He really got me there. ;)

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