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What is the meanest word that has ever been said to you?

Asked by megzybrahh123 (523points) August 5th, 2011

Well, today I was called a Skank and 2 weeks ago I was called a backstabbing, stuck up, bitch and I haven’t done anything to these people that said it to me.
So, I was wondering if anyone has called you something that was not true and was also mean.

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Someone screamed “cunt” at me when I cut them off on the expressway yesterday. I’m sure she was just having a particularly bad day or something.

People I know don’t really call me names. All of my friends are polite if not kind, and their opinions are the only ones that truly matter to me.

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“Cunt”. I abhor that word.

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Being a cop for a long, long time, I have been called everything in the book. Some words that were not even in the book.

After a while, it just bounces off of you and you carry on.

Just consider the source. It helps.

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“Fuck you.”

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I dont know because people around here like to talk from others backs.

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All of them.

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I could give you a list,all from the same person,but why? As @johnpennington said,consider the source.

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I remember being called a slut and bitch when I was 13. The girl was my best friend and dated the guy I loved all my life. So that makes ME a slut?

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My Mom said to me that people who were gay were “deformed”. She was questioning as to whether I was gay or not (I am).

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“The N word”. Lol.

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I’ve been called a lot of not-very-nice names, mainly before I was 21, now that I think of it. The N word, too, by some kid at uni. The two that bothered me the most for a long time, though, were “stuck-up oreo”, said to a teenage me by some gangbanger dude I didn’t even know who tried to pick me up while I walked down the street (I refused him, natch), and “an abomination in the sight of God” by some Nazi lady picketing my school in 2nd grade. That deluded woman was out of her mind. I’ve seen pictures; I was probably one of the cutest little mixed-race kids you ever saw. ;D

Then, as John has already mentioned, when I was a little older, in thinking back on those two incidents, I considered the sources and let them go.

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Someone in my office told me once; “You have bad hair!” I almost passed out from this insult, and needless to say she was fired the next day.

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@aprilsimnel Ah yes, how could I forget the fake gangsters dissin’ me because I don’t have enough “street cred”. Lol.

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NO! (When I ask for something….that’s just mean.)

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I had not thought of “fuck you” until I saw @janbb‘s answer, but that has happened to me, and it is awful.

The first thing that popped into my head when I saw the question was being called “stupid” and also a very very long time ago I interpreted my dad saying people will think I am a slut, as him saying I was behaving like one. It felt like he was calling me a slut, it bothered me for a long time, until I guess we straightened out my perception of what he said.

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Are you gay?

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Someone called me a cunt, fat bitch, and an ugly cow in the same sentence. I laughed in his face so he wouldn’t think I cared, but it still hurt and I still think about it.

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Stupid.One of my sibs a long time ago.

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One time someone who was not a very good friend to me called me a fat ugly backstabbing bitch, because her and three other people who weren’t really my friends then thought I told people who one of them liked. I still have no idea who they think I told. And also, I just wonder what they think I would have to gain from that? @Jude I would rather be deformed myself than say that gay people are deformed.

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@gailcalled That’s it? A lot of people must love you :)

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Fortunately I mostly stay far far away from the dramallamaz these days (except for the few occasions where I can’t resist jumping in) and it’s been a long time since anyone’s called me anything awful.

But when I was a kid and got into a big fight with this terrible, backstabbing girl, she sent me this hateful message in which she called me “annoying, stuck up, and stupid.” It’s definitely not true, I’m pretty sure she was just trying to throw out the most hurtful words she could think of. It’s utter silliness how that phrase just stuck with me. Words can cut like knives, I hate that sticks and stones rhyme.

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I’ve been called numerous things but the ones that hurt the worst were from my ex-boyfriend. He called me a “fat, disgusting bitch,” a “repulsive ugly slut,” and so many more.

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I do not get offended when people I don’t know say bad words about me.

But when a friend not trying to insult me is explaining me the truth I get sometimes offended. [I won’t give any examples]

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@Blackberry: Perhaps it’s because I chose my family and friends well.

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@JLeslie nope, I’m not, but when I was in highschool people thought I was because I was somewhat effeminate, and that’s just what high school kids do. I had a really emotionally abusive long term girlfriend once who would say “I don’t want a faggot for a boyfriend” when she got mad at me. That was definitely no fun.

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My ex-stepdad, when he found out I was pregnant at 19, smirked and said, “The fuck up finally fucked up.” For about 5 years, I was called a slut and man-trapper (The ””“dad””” disappeared, I didn’t force a shotgun wedding and didn’t go for child support, so it wasn’t true). The sting does wear off after a while and becomes just annoying and gnat-ish.

The redeeming grace is I can help the teenagers I work with deal with the ‘slut’ term better having gone through it myself.

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Wetback. When I was a little kid (-10yrs old), I didn’t know what that term meant. Some kid at a new school saw my mother pick me up and asked me if my parents adopted me. When it was explained to me then I cried and felt embarrassed and ugly, I was mad at my parents too but can’t remember why exactly.

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@SavoirFaire I love you. Hahaha. Tim Minchin is my favorite.

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@linguaphile I got knocked up at 18 and had my baby at 19. The whole time I was pregnant, my mom would see my tummy, shake her head and say “stupid” or “dummy” or “what an idiot.” I’m still mad at her about that even though she’s a great grandma.

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@redfeather A nod of respect. We friends! I always try to treat young mothers with respect and kindness because I know how scarce it can be, even from family and friends. One of my closest of close friends went on a 10 minute tirade about how slutty, cheap, horrible and a drain on our economy that single teenage mothers were before (light bulb!) his jaw dropped and he gives me another 10 minutes of an apology- too late, buster! Haha! By then I was immune :D I’m glad you made it through, too!

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Scottish! I beg your fucking pardon madam!!

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People stopped calling me names, because I always come up with something oboxiously innapropriate to call them back. I’d tell you few of my favorites, but I’d probably get in trouble…

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“Arf! Arf!” That set me up as unattractive for my entire junior high and much of my high school life because they were uttered by a very “popular” boy. Small school system, so it got around and it stuck for a long time.

“Incompetent” from my husband really hurt too. He took it back and said that he was just frustrated at that moment and didn’t really mean it. Still not sure I believe him.

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“Faggot” was one I heard a couples of times. I also received a couple cracks about my weight when I was younger, but I’ve since thinned out a good bit.

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I was once called a “blistering fucking cunt” by my ex who was just upset and wanted attention so he thought he’d get it by insulting me,I didn’t talk to him for awhile and I’m still somewhat bitter about it

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Hahahaha. When I broke up with He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named he said “Your father never loved you, and your mother loved you too much.” because he thinks I’m a lesban. :)

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When @AshLeigh was mad at me last year she called me an “Infected Moose Clit…”

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@Faidle… Sorry about that. Hahahaha.

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@AshLeigh That’s horrible.

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@Ayesha, I know. I’m not proud of it.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I see. That sounds awful. I only ask because I find men who are gay tend to be very traumatized about being called those sorts of names when they are young, while I witness many straight guys saying things like that to each other, and they don’t seem to care. But, I can see how since you may have been less than mister macho it would feel very bad, even when you are straight. Of course I don’t think anyone should call names in anger like that, I find it to be just awful. I sometimes swear when I am angry or in an argument with someone, but I never call them a name. I might say, “I am so sick of this shit,” but never, “you are a piece of shit,” I think there is a huge difference.

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@JLeslie I completely agree. Namecalling is never appropriate. It did hurt and it even made me really uncomfortable and insecure with myself for a long time. I’m ok now, obviously, but I have a lot of gay friends who were called the same thing, and I feel like I have an at least vague idea of what it must be like to deal with that sort of hatred, so I definitely sympathize. I can be really vulgar at times, but I hate the word “faggot.”

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People has said “fuck you” to me. The George Carlin taught me that the phrase wasn’t a bad thing. People are wishing you a fuck which, to me is a good thing. The worse people could say to me is “unfuck you!” That would be really bad. Fortunately no one that was mad at me ever said it.

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Paki. They say it in a way which is really degrading. The word, however, means pure.

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One time, a cute douchebag boy calmly informed me that I was dumb. Highschool sucks.

Also, I’ve been screamed at in Spanish over a drivethrough intercom. That was fun. All I could stammer was, “No hablo espanol?”

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I was once called a hoe. Not really the meanest thing, but the way the person said it to me was really mean.

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