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MacBooks: are matte screens still available on all models (Pro, Air, and standard) as a special order?

Asked by marmoset (1167points) August 5th, 2011

Or are there any models where you can’t get a matte screen anymore?

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Matte screens are still available on the 15 and 17 inch MacBook Pros. Not on the air and the Macbook has been discontinued.

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Ouch. Thanks. So the ONLY models you can get a matte screen for anymore are 15” and 17” MBPs?

(I have found after some googling that for $250 you can get a third party [Techrestore] to replace your MBAir lcd with a matte lcd. Seems VERY steep esp. when you consider you are giving them your perfectly good glossy lcd which they can turn around and use to repair somebody else’s broken glossy…)

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