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What true red lipstick won't make me look like a clown? Or Courtney Love?

Asked by redfeather (6507points) August 5th, 2011

I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, and olive skin. I’ve never really worn lipstick, but I wanna try something new. I love the simple look with just a winged eye and I wanna try pairing it with a bold red lip. Just for fun :)

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You just read my mind. The thing with red lipstick is that to pull it off you either need to be ghost white or on the dark side. I’m fair but not too fair and my friend is a bit tan and she looks amazing in red lipstick. I hate her with a passion!

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The ladies at the makeup counter can help you pick a warm or a cool,dark or light,bright or muted,red.
You would look gorgeous in red lipstick!

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Red is pretty bold for someone who usually does not wear lipstick. You will want to be wearing clothes that make sense with the bold color. Christian Dior used to have a good selection of reds, not sure if they still do. Chanel also. But, those will be expensive. Still, the makeup artist might be able to tell you whether a blue red or orange red will work best with your skin, and you can try it on and wear it for a few hours. Then you can still buy a similar red in a less expensive brand in the drug store.

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That’s what I can’t tell, a blue red or orange red. I know if I’m gonna do a bold lip, everything else should be simple and understated. I wear a lot of black anyways. I’m wearing an old plum Chanel lipstick now to see if I can handle it, I’m allergic to some.

@lucillelucillelucille thanks! :D

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@redfeather I tend to gravitate towards blue reds, but my coloring is very different than yours. There are a couple make-up artists on fluther, I’ll do a quick search and see if I can remember who they are.

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Once you find a red lipstick which suits you don’t forget to tone down your eye makeup or you will end up scaring half of the people you meet !

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@sophiesword oh yeah, I know that rule. I worked as a makeup artist a little at a salon. I usually focus on just my eyes and wear lots of colors and layer liners and stuff, but I wanna try something different.

I also have weird lips… my bottom lip is fat and the right side of my top lip arches up and the other side kinda slopes straight. It’s not noticeable but I think it might be if I wear red, I’ll have to draw outside the lines some on the left side

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@redfeather -A friend of mine works for Fredric Fekkai.I could ask what she thinks next time I talk to her.They are nothing,if not on top of every trend.:)

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Here’s another possible visual reference. Hope it could be of help.

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@lucillelucillelucille I LOVE Fekkai. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Please do!

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@redfeather If I get back in time,I will call her this weekend:)

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@sophiesword Ahh! i’d hate her too!
just sayin’.

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@Ayesha see i don’t think so you have quite a few things in common with her :)

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Avoid blue-reds and get a orangier red. A makeup counter person in a dept. store can show you the differences on your skin and maybe even give you some free samples :)

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I would think you could pull off a red lipstick nicely. Maybe start with a lighter pink and work you’re way up to the brighter reds to see what looks good.

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@Neizvestnaya Love me some free samples! I’m always wary of the makeup counter people because the last few times I’ve left looking like my daddy is a drag queen and my momma is Bozo.

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Taffeta Rouge by Guerlain,....but always try it out first at the counter. Even by telling us your basic skin/hair tones, a lip colour can make or break you…so always try it out first.

Good luck!

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Looked for years for my perfect lipstick as I wanted to wear red also.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter (in a lipstick tube) Candy Apple Red (035)
Loved it so much I went back and purchased same Revlon Lip Butter
in Pink Truffle (001) The pink is not pink at all but a smooth mauve color
that anyone could wear. These lipsticks were VERY affordable and I picked
them up at a big box store! I think I read in a magazine about these colors
and sure enough they were perfect. Hope this helps someone!

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