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Can you tell me what colour/brand nail polish this is?

Asked by Jellie (6489points) August 5th, 2011

This is the colour I want to know about. I mean the matt finish black one not the shiny finish. The bottle she’s holding looks like OPI but it may not be and it’s not very recognizable.

Also if anyone knows of any other brand that make this colour in this finish please let me know. I think it’s AWESOME.

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OPI’s Lincoln After Dark. I believe its on the end of the bottle. Look.

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It’s OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark Matte for the matte color. Don’t know what they used for the shiny part.

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Hehe @john65pennington before I read your answer I thought for a second you were a nailpolish enthusiast!! I then read that it was written on the bottle and was sort of disappointed :P

Thanks @Aethelflaed

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I have Lincoln Park after Dark, but it’s not a matte finish

OPI does make a matte black though

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Lincholn park after dark is not a matte finish. Its more of a shimmer dark burgundy purple.

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@nailpolishfanatic @redfeather Lincoln Park After Dark also comes in a matte finish.

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Well wuddya know, it surely is!

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I hope I can find it. Something tells me it will be a limited addition or something :(

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oh my bad. Man I will so never get my hands on it. Here they always arrive late and they are really expensive. But this fall I will buy myself the normal lincoln park after dark.

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I think you can make any nail polish matte with a steady hand and a super fine grit sand paper or nail file.

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