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Does it differ to you to feel embarrassed to one person as opposed to multiple persons?

Asked by rebbel (24843points) August 5th, 2011

This question came up after i read the question that @mazingerz88 asked.
Make an extra account to be able to anonymously ask an (possibly) embarrassing question.
If you would do so, obviously @augustlan would know it was you who is behind that account, thus the question.
I would feel embarrassed knowing that @augustlan knows and it would feel as bad as knowing that everybody knows that it was me who asked “Have you ever fantasized having sex with panda bears?” I made this up…..:-).
I’d rather keep the question to myself instead then.
And you?

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I suppose I think of Augustlan as the high priestess of Fluther, so what is revealed in her confessional has to stay there. I guess that means I don’t really care if she knows it’s me asking a question that I don’t want the rest of the collective to know came from me.

@rebbel : No, I’ve never had that fantasy. Maybe you should seek therapy? ;)

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I made an account to ask a question I was embarrassed of, I used a different email and everything.

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There are questions that I don’t ask because they become a record on the internet. There are people in my life that know this profile name. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t have any qualms asking these questions on Fluther. The Jellies are a decent group that I would trust to provide valuable information with little or judgement.

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Nope, though I should add that I don’t think Auggie would notice unless she was being really attentive. But the premise behind that post was to PM your question to someone else to ask for you. I actually think it’d be more awkward to send the question in a one-on-one setting like that where the person will obviously pay it a lot of attention, as opposed to just making a passing comment in the main site that most everyone will soon forget anyway.

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If it’s something I need a hot little answer to right this second, I’ll look up an answer somewhere else, especially if it’s important. Like if it’s some kind of medical advice or something like that. As far as fucking pandas, well I’d have no real problem starting a discussion on that subject, if I was into it. Some questions I’ve withheld, due to not wanting to get banned not wanting to piss off or upset people too much, and keeping at least some type of class semblance.
Those are really the only reasons that would embarrass me, especially the reactions of others, at least as indicated by the details in this question.
However, while I don’t give a hoot about pretty much anyone, I do seem to fall easily if a person I really like or admire thinks much less of me based on something I said or did. That applies for a lot of situations, not just here.

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Auggie doesn’t know unless she specifically sets out to find out, and I’d assume she has better stuff to do than compare every noobs IP with other IPs just for kicks. I’m pretty sure she only does that for trolling or other violations.

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Having to create extra accounts just to ask questions proves that one doesn’t feel good about himself/herself. While being anonymous some are more confident so that’s why I believe they ask questions under different aliases. I don’t believe some questions to be more important but if they are one person always has friends whom they can ask.

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I have alter egos because of my kids. All of the mods know who they are, and it was a tiny bit embarrassing, at first. But, meh, I got over it. ;)

Generally speaking, I don’t know off the top of my head who anyone else’s alter ego is. Occasionally, I stumble onto it, but I always keep strictly confidential. I promise I will never judge you, or reveal your identity.

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I should have alter egos – and then when I am asshole – only that alter ego would get suspended.~

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Well, yes. There are sometimes things that I don’t want permanently connected to this, my main, account. Things I’d rather not be floating around for the general public, associated with me in this incarnation.

I do have alter egos, mainly to ask embarrassing questions I don’t want attached to this account. Also for a bit of freedom of speech when I was a mod. I have gone so far as to use proxies to hide one or two accounts, for when I wanted to say things I didn’t want anyone to know was me.

I have some privacy issues, though. It’s not that I’m up to no good. Well, most of the time. >:)

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