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Is there a free test online that generally measures your natural talents?

Asked by prioritymail (1630points) August 5th, 2011

Natural talents like diagnostic and analytical reasoning, idea flow, design/number/associative memory, visual dexterity, etc.

There must be a free test that provides some general feedback? Or if not, do you know of any for a small fee?

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Here’s an aptitude test that says it measures your natural skills for various careers. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but it’s a start.

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Thanks @hawaii_jake. I went through the whole thing despite the barrage of advertisements which seem to be typical for things like this. It provided a Holland type, interests, and work styles but didn’t get into abilities / natural talents. Hopefully someone else has a suggestion/link for a test that measures these?

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The best assessment I’ve ever taken is not free, but it is cheap, considering the information it provides. If you are interested, feel free to send me a PM, and I will provide you with the information.

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There are many free online IQ tests among them this one

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A proper assessment using multiple techniques would be required to get close to adequately evaluating such a set of characteristics.

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Out of curiosity, do you have an idea of your natural abilities and talents?

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@wundayatta I think I have some idea but I’m not sure how accurate I am or what I am missing. Taking tests like this in the past has helped me recognize things about myself that should have been obvious but I was not fully aware of. I am on a path to become a scientist and so it is particularly important to me to figure out how strong I am in diagnosis and analysis to solve problems. I think people enjoy doing what they are naturally good at and so if these are not strong points for me, I don’t think I’d enjoy being a scientist.

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@prioritymail I don’t know how old you are, but it doesn’t really matter. These are things you can learn at any point in your life.

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