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Are you a runner?

Asked by boxer3 (4150points) August 5th, 2011

I’m running my first 10k tomorrow morning!
There’s going to be thousands of people,
Im excited- and sort of nervous.
I don’t plan on winning but I hear this race is mind blowing,
and you had to sign up in March…

Has anybody run a 10k, half marathon, marathon?
any runners out there that want to share advice or experiences?

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Drink in the atmosphere of your first big race…give and get hugs for this great opportunity you have. Biggest thing is carbs and water. Take full advantage of each and every “fuel” station you come to and take what they offer to a point. The biggest thing is RUN YOUR RACE!! Don’t worry about all the pros and old men passing you by! Enjoy this run and when you are done…walk….and walk and walk. Two days after is when it all sinks in so be prepared to be reminded of this great day! Good luck and enjoy!

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@cruiser, thank you- hahaha, I will keep you in mind when the first old man passes me by, I’ve been hydrating all day today and ate some pasta, I’m excited and I think that running my race is exactly what I’ll do. great advice, and I’m hoping that I cant ake it all in.
I’m about to sleep because 5:45 will come quick….

what a nice bit of advice to sleep on.

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Pace yourself. The start and traffic etc will be exciting so don’t go nuts in the first two miles.

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@dabbler , thankyou- I can imagine it’s going to be overwhelming. The last two miles are hills. and hills. and hills.

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I am running one tomorrow too. I was aiming for a PB so I think I overtrained and gave myself a very sore knee. So I haven’t been able to train for the last 2 weeks. My game plan now is to run 3 min walk 1 min. I am just going to have fun, complete the 10k and enjoy myself. It is a beautiful course along the Strand in Townsville. Yeah, just have fun and drink in the atmosphere and go your own pace, don’t be tempted to overdo.

@cruiser, I don’t mind it when the old dudes pass me, it’s when the old dudes with walkers pass me that I get depressed, heheheh!!!

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@rooeytoo wow that looks like a great bit of scenery, Im sorry to hear about your injury- but glad that you’re not letting it stop you- how did you do?

I had a great experience, it was beautiful- and the whole town was ridiculous with support, people brought speakers on the street, were playing live music, cheering fo you the entire way. I’m planning on doing it next year too. Maybe I will start training for a half marathon.

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I am grateful I can still walk!

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@boxer3 – I did it in just under 80 minutes which is a terrific time for me, especially since I didn’t do much training! That was run 3 min walk 1.

I think a half is a good idea. Do you have a smart phone? I love the runkeeper app and there is another that has plans and coaching for all runs, that is a good one too. If I play with the gadgets, it helps to keep me motivated.

Good luck and let me know how your training for a half goes. This is the one I am thinking of!

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@boxer3 Woohoo! Congratulations !
I always enjoyed racing back when I did a lot of it (when I could train on anything but concrete!).
I hope you enjoy many more races.

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@rooeytoo , thats awesome, way to overcome obstacles- the course looks really neat…I will definitly keep you posted! I don’t have a smartphone but I may be getting one in the near future and I will definitly keep that in mind thanks for the tip :]

@dabbler Thank you!!! It is quite a good accomplished feeling, as I’m sure you know- especially because I’ve never really considered myself a “runner” I remember the days I couldnt run a mile. haha. good stuff :]

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