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Is it possible to respond automatically to FaceBook messages?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) May 2nd, 2008

Is there a setting within FaceBook or a FireFox Plugin, GreaseMonkey Script, etc. which can enable me to send an auto-reply to messages I receive on FaceBook?

I can forward the message to my email account but I still cannot use the Auto-Reply feature because all replies to emails originating from FaceBook go to

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I have not seen a setting that allows this. I can see it being added down the road.

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First – I am sick of facebook trying to become the internet.

Second – I know it’s part of their business model to become “email” too… but it isn’t going to happen, and they need to work WITH, not against, their users. They should have the option to turn off the messages entirely.

Third – if not able to turn them off, I should be able to inform the stupid people that don’t realize you can CALL me or email me…. that they should do just that.

Facebook… I am not going to start checking ANOTHER email… let me auto-respond to them so that they don’t feel like asses when I don’t reply.

The burden is on you to prove to me that your messaging system is better than email, or more robust. It’s not. Many don’t use facebook, and many use it sparingly. I don’t want two emails, and until you dominate the world…. I am not checking it.

Give us options. Please. Thank you. /rant.

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