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What is the cause of my dirty looking sclera and how can I make it whiter?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6607points) August 6th, 2011

This is what my eyes look like. Though for some strange reason in this picture they look quite white but to be honest Im looking at myself into the mirror right now and they don’t look that white. They look more like a dirty white-y colour. I don’t remember if I had whiter sclera before but this sure kinda bothers me and I think that it doesn’t really bring out my eye colour as gorgeous as its supposed to be.
What can I do to make them whiter?

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Sweetheart, this isn’t what you were looking to hear, but I think you’re beautiful and fabulous exactly the way you are! and I don’t know why they are that color

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@snowberry Aww thank you :). I did read about some similar questions and some people answered saying that the person needed to go to the doctor asap because it could be a liver problem or something. I don’t think mine have gone that far though…

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Some people are more prone to the yellowing of their whites than others. Thank genetics. There is no way to “whiten” the whites of your eyes unless it’s to reduce temporarily red eyes or eyes yellowish from jaundice or vitamin issue.

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This sites covers a wide variety of reasons why the white of the eye might be discolored.

Bottom line, ask your eye doctor and/or get a physical.

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It’s a genetic melanin thing, most likely, but do get it checked just to rule out any problems. People of colour tend to naturally have slightly yellower scelera than European-descended folks.

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