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Why was the polar bear,that fatally injured a British young man, subsequently killed?

Asked by rebbel (24949points) August 6th, 2011

If you hadn’t heard about this tragedy, here is the story.
Does anybody know if the bear was killed during his attack on the youngsters, or afterwards?
In case of the first I can fully understand, but in the latter I would wonder why it was needed to do that.
As punishment? Revenge? To stop him from doing it again?

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Thank you for that article, @crisw!

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The polar bear was still attacking people when it was shot.

I think ti would have been hunted down afterward and killed though. Once a bear loses its fear of humans and regards then as food, it is too dangerous.

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It’s too bad, for the victims and the bear.

I always find it rather ironic though, murderers get death sentences that never come to pass for decades, but, a wild animal doing it’s natural wild animal thing is executed immediately if it harms or kills a person.

I’ve often said I’d much prefer to be taken out by a bear or a lion or a shark than by a serial killer.

In these ‘modern’ times people are less disturbed by a violent crime than they are an animal attack. Go figure.

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I have heard that if an animal eats a human or human remains, it is the law in the US that it must be killed, lest it become a “man killer.”

people should just stay the heck away from wild animals

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There is no such law that I know of.

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Key word “heard”

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