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Does using a friends ipass allow me to not pay tolls when I go on a toll road?

Asked by jamms (609points) May 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

its past the point, I recieved an $80 fine when I borrowed my car to someone who didn’t pay tolls. The explanation I recieved was that they had an ipass. The ipass was registered to another person / car.

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They probably have the license number down and it didn’t match or something. If not, then get better friends!

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well I plan to marry this friend. I just didn’t quite understand her logic. To me the car has to match the ipass, to her its just gotta have the ipass. It makes sense cause you don’t buy multiple ipasses per car you use. Maybe it was broken or something.

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I don’t think they check the car. If you have any ipass and use it then the toll was paid. Unless the balance was low or cancelled. If no toll is paid they probably check your plate. The question was a bit confusing however.

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you have to call ipass which has the number on the transponder and add what ever license plate that you plan to use when going through the toll for that car to register. And multiple cars are possible. Just make sure you travel with the transponder in the car that use at that time. And cancel any plate off that account at any time also.

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