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Can you hop to it and congratulate the newest resident of the 20k mansion? Rooeytoo, well done.

Asked by Bellatrix (21230points) August 7th, 2011

She runs, she swims and she can jump like no other. Our very own sporty, animal loving adopted Queenslander, Rooeytoo has earned her place in the 20k mansion. Please hop to it and congratulate Rooeytoo on her fantastic achievement!

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Way to go, Roo :)

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Congratulations & Celebrations Rooeytoo! :-)

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Your name still reminds me of Scooby Doo saying his name, but hey, that’s just me being crazy.
Congrats sport! ;¬}

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Congratulations!!! :))

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Congrats on the 20 Grand @rooeytoo

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@ucme Haha I never thought of that, that’s hilarious.

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@FutureMemory Just my ever present child like mind at work.

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Good job Rooey!

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Congrats, Rooeytoo! You guys must be having one hell of a day down under, with two of you reaching milestones. Send some of that air up here, would you? ;)

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Yay, Rooey, one of my fave doggie Jellies! I love your canine buddies, I love your cute accent hahaha and I love your perspective! Congrats!

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Gav gav, felicitatión, @rooeytoo!

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Congratulations! Awesome!

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Yeah! Hip Hip Horray!!!!!

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Well Done!!!!!!!

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Congrats to my favorite animal advocate! Welcome to the mansion!

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To the best down under jelly I know! Congratulations on 20K, rooeytoo!

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I enjoy your posts!

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Congratulations!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!

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Woooo! Way to go! Congratulations, @rooeytoo, on a wonderful and well-deserved achievement :D

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Mazel Tov @rooeytoo! I consider you a friend who happens to live very, very far away.

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Rooeytoo! I think you are simply GREAT! Congratulations!!

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Félicitations, @rooeytoo! All the way to 20K!

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Congratulations! x 20K! and well deserved:D

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Congratulations on 20k rooeytoo! <breaks out the champaigne>

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@rooeytoo, You have been a memorable jelly here, not the least because of the brilliantly silly photo-shopped pictures you did of Milo. (He keeps them at the front of his portfolio to show talent scouts and casting directors.)

I have really enjoyed your tales of life, love and canines in the antipodes.

Exhibit A

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Woo! Rooey too? Well done and congratulations!!

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Congratulations Rooey!!! Here’s a Haka for you! :D

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Congratulations to my favourite fellow dog lover!

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Congratulations on reaching 20K, rooey!!

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Congrats, Australian person.

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Well what do you know I feel rooey too today for @rooeytoo!

Congrats mate!

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Yay! Sometimes I think you might be my polar opposite, but we have found a way to communicate and even bond. I’m so glad you are a part of fluther. You truly deserve all the well wishes.


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Rooeytoo, you are one of the most caring and thoughtful jellies I know. I like and respect you greatly.


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Good job Rooeytoo!

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Crykie! Two Aussies in less than 24hrs!! It is the Vegemite Conspiracy! Pass out the Fosters this party is growing to large. There is lurve in bunches lately. Cheers!

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Ah Rooey—another milestone. Slow and steady, you are, and with a lot of wise advice, too. No-nonsense advice. Yours is a good voice to have around.

Congratulations. Hope you see many more fluther milestones!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Woohoo! Congratulations to you!!

I always enjoy your posts ..keep them coming. :)

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Yay!! Congratulations to a Fluther fixture! :)

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G’day Mates, look at this, I am late even to my own party!!!

Thank you all so very much for the kind words. They are music to my ears.

Fluther is such an interesting place, where else could all of us polar opposites get together and trade thoughts, ideas and possible courses of action. Even when I disagree with a theory espoused, just reading and considering forces me to grow and sometimes, albeit rarely :-) change my position.

Again thank you all for the friendship and company. (I feel like I am making an acceptance speech at the academy awards or something so I guess I should thank my parents to while I’m at it!) and lurve to all!

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You are one of the very few people I would travel half way across the world to meet in person. Congrats! :D

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Your love for dogs have impressed my very life! I gracefully congratulate your beautiful achievement, Rooeytoo!

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Enough already with these stupid parties.


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@_ zen _ why do they have to be stupid parties. Will you stay for a 10K party (for once)....we promise not to make it stupid. :D:D:D

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There is so much lurving going on, it will morph into one HUGE lurve block party. NO ONE will stop it. Grab a drink, hit the dance floor, or get tossed into one of the many mansion pools! Stupid indeed….har har

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Congratulations on reaching such a great milestone, Rooeytoo! :-)

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Sorry I am late! Congo Rats Rooeytoo! Here’s a Scooby Snack!

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Woohoo @rooeytoo! I love reading your comments. I hope I’m a lot like you when I grow up.

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That was so fast, @rooeytoo! Congratulations on 20K from all of us Up Over!

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Hey….how’d I miss this!

Congrats Rooey!

A 10k run and a 20k party for you!

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Thank you all again! I am honored.

(@jonsblond, you are welcome any time!)

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Congrats, Rooey!!!!

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CONGO RATS to you @rooeytoo!

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Wonderful news! Congratulations!

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yay @rooeytoo! I’m so glad to hear you made 20k. Congratulations, hope you enjoy the party!

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Congrats, rooey! I’m so glad you’re apart of the Fluther community. I love reading your stuff! Rock on! :)

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