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What's the best GMAT Study site?

Asked by Jordanx (1points) May 2nd, 2008

Looking to study for the GMATs

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As an ex-test prep teacher, this was my general structure for tutoring:

(1) Take a timed practice test to see what your strengths and areas for improvement are. Try to simulate a test-like environment. If you can get your hands on a computer based test, do it.
(2) Get a variety of test-prep books from different companies and test out their strategies to see what works for you and what doesn’t.
(3) In the early stages of your studying, focus on the things that are most difficult. You will have a tendency to study things you’re good at because it feels good to get things right—don’t do this yet.
(4) Take practice tests as often as possible to track your progress.
(5) As your test date approaches (within two weeks or so), switch your focus of study to things you’re good at.
(6) Take a final practice test a few days before the exam. By this point your main focus should be timing and endurance.

Keep a good attitude throughout the process. Set a goal score and believe that you can get it. I have seen people do amazing things. And GOOD LUCK!

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