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How can Spider-Man save people if they're in trouble in a desert?

Asked by Tbag (3319points) August 7th, 2011

There are no buildings in the desert for spider-man to move as he does! Wonder how the amazing Spider-Man is going to act!

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He’s a spider so he doesn’t need water, and can scurry across the ground rather quickly. And then he can use spider strength to carry them out. But that’s about it.

Spiderman isn’t too smart, Peter Parker is pretty useless.

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This is Question of the Day material.

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He can make a solar still to collect water. Substitute webs for the plastic in this plan

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Spiderman can’t, but Batman can! :D
I think Bruce Wayne kicks Peter Parker’s nerdy little arse by a mile.

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Maybe his spider instincts are capable of locating water sources in the desert. That alone would save lives. He could also create web shelters and web umbrellas against heat.

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He can just call superman. Each superhero has their own region lol.

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Hahaha, those answers are hilarious!

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He would only be slightly more useful than Aquaman in that situation.

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I won’t mind being with Spidey in the desert, he may not be that smart but he’s a hero with a light easy going and humorous attitude. He’s not overly dramatic nor dark and boring.

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@mazingerz88 Good point… but doesn’t he have a girlfriend? XD
I think I’ll stick with Brucey ;)

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Definitely a web shelter. Maybe even a webmobile.

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@MilkyWay Lol. Are you thinking about hooking up with Spidey? Ha ha ha! I was thinking more in the line of having beer with him after we cross the desert. But you’re right, he’s no good chasing women with since he is a one woman spider. Lol.

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He can swing from desert rock formations like these.

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He would call Robin to ask for advice, but Robin has no idea what to do too, so they all will die.

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@MilkyWay wants to hook up with Batman, @mazingerz88 duuuhhhhhh

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@redfeather Ok, definitely worth asking it as a nsfw question. Which superhero would be nice to hook up with? : )

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Guys, i think there is one solution for all this. Marvel should create a new epic hero. How about desert-man? Just like the one in spider-man? But more focused on desert-man!

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What about that dirt guy in the third Spiderman movie?

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@rebbel I’m not sure if you’re just kidding but the Bat always have a plan ready for any field of battle he is about to go into. Unless someone succeeds in just dumping him in the desert and stripped him of his utility belt. Now that would be interesting.

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@redfeather The problem is he’s a conflicted, misguided villain. But good one there.

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@mazingerz88 So… are you asking that question or shall I?

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I think of desert superheroes and keep thinking of that dirt guy in Spiderman or Imhotep from the Mummy.
Damn it.

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@redfeather LOL! I know what you mean!

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@MilkyWay Please do it if that’s ok with you. : )

@redfeather Admit it, you like bad boys! : )

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@mazingerz88 this is true. Batman would be the only one to tickle my fancy. ;)

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Yeah yeah, that guy from the mummy would be perfect. He’s one hek of a villian though! What’s his name again? ‘Imoteb’ or something like that?

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies I just choked. Thanks for that.

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Well, wonder if Spidey would be interested in joining in! After all his half and half.


By turning himself into a desert “sand Spiderman”——

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That’s the whole point. Spiderman does not do deserts. Super heroes have specialties. His is the urban environment. Same with Batman.Somebody else gonna have to do the desert.

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Trap door spiders live in tunnels in the ground (I’m a bit of a spider-nerd). I’m voting for Spider Man turning into Trap Door Spider Man.

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This is more like a job for Camel Man.

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