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Best explosion in a movie could quite possibly be?

Asked by ucme (45477points) August 7th, 2011

Go ahead, take your pick from countless explosions. Whether they be man made, or a product of nature’s fury. Bazillions to choose from I know, simply narrow the field down to your own personal favourites, or at least those you consider memorable.

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The explosion of the Death Star at the end of Episode IV. To a 8 year old’s eyes, on the big screen, the exciting conclusion to a heart-stopping space-dogfight… Luke’s steely glance, Ben’s voice, the thumb push, and home it goes—then keee….keee.. kaboom all over the big screen. Larger than life. Nothing ever will come close.

Other explosions might be better, more tech, whatever—but nothing beats seeing your first major one as a kid, really.

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What else, that shark in Jaws exploding! Yeah!!

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@linguaphile An excellent example, perfectly described :¬)
@mazingerz88 The exploding turd, as Spielberg affectionately called the thing.

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((NSFW))….This one Eeeewy!

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The Railroad Bridge blowing up in Bridge Over the River Kwai.

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@Cruiser I’ve replicated that on the golf course many times.
@WestRiverrat A classic…“what have I done?”

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Cyberdyne systems blowing up in T2.

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@ucme No one can out do @lucillelucillelucille

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“I need an MRI! I need an MRI!”

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Krackatoa when it blew in 1883. “The island exploded in 1883, killing approximately 40,000 people, although some estimates put the death toll much higher. The explosion is considered to be the loudest sound ever heard in modern history, with reports of it being heard nearly 3,000 miles (4,800 km) from its point of origin.” – Wiki.

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The one that has always stood out for me was the explosion of the White House in the U.S., in the movie Independence Day. I thought that was awesome.

There are so many mass explosions in movies now that it’s hard to pin point one great one. So, I am not sure which is the best one.

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I also like all the worms exploding at the end of Tremors. Put me off yams for life, though.

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The explosions in Terminator 2.

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@redfeather I couldn’t wait for that damn thing to explode!

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The ones in The A Team just because how on earth do containers blow up like that just from one rocket launcher????

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Mother nature just pissed her pants dude..

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I’m walking home from the train, and I come upon a scene. The street is lined with 1920s cars, and there’s a crowd watching a movie shot. It’s four in the afternoon on a weekday, so the crowd is small, and I walk right up front just in time to see a corner bar EXPLODE!!, sending glass shards flying into the street.

Not one of cinema’s most memorable explosions but it’s my favorite because I was a witness.

It appears early in the trailer to The Untouchables

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Crack in the World in Technicolor! When the two cracks met, I think that over all is the best blast.

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The nuclear destruction of South Carolina in “Special Bulletin”

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Just watching Dantes Peak…not really explosions, but pretty awsome!!

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