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Am I crazy?

Asked by XOIIO (18113points) August 7th, 2011

I’ve made many things that might make people wonder how sane I am, from air cannons, to potassium nitrate, and shocking gloves, but now I think I might be a little crazy too.

I just made a capacitor array that has four 330 volt capacitors. At 270 volts it made a 1” burn mark across the circuit board when I discharged it. It has a capacity of 1320 volts.

Am I crazy for making something like this? I have to say 170 volts made my rectum tighten a little, it gave me a pretty good scare, but based on your life experience, how crazy am I?

Also, does anyone want me to make a video of it being discharged at full capacity? XD

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These are common items that photographers use to bump their flash recharge system from 12v to 300v and sometimes 500v. Your invention has merit if mated to the proper capacitor.

“Crazy” would be touching that capacitor before it has been discharged. Lots of flash repairmen have been killed over the years by receiving a broken unit that has no batteries but still retains a full capacitor.

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Oh yeah, the pop from the discharge actually made my ears ring XD

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Yeah, people aren’t carefull enough, they don’t realize that even the 330 volts has kicked people back into walls.

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You’d be crazy NOT to video you discharging your gadget on an aluminum jock strap while you shower.

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I’ve had a few of these Norman P2000D units blow their capacitors during photo shoots in the studio. They sound like a shotgun going off next to your ear… and they make beautiful bikini clad models break down into tears on set amidst the smoldering carnage.

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i want one that blows their bikinis off

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Tesla was crazy but that crazy dude gave us AC.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies LOL, like that one movie where the guy wants this stereo that can blow womens clothes off, and in the end he gets it XD I can’t remeber what that was called.

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If your device can shoot a high powered charge 100 meters (or even across a room) and still leave a 1” burn mark then you’ve got something that people will pay money for. Keep up the good work but keep an assistant and a defibrillator present at all times. Good luck!

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You need to start working with gas grill igniters. Go to Lowe’s in the outdoor section. The 9volt electrics are easier to control but the manual piezoelectric jobs will put out higher voltage. 5000V is typical.It packs quite a wallop.
I didn’t tell you to do this. I am merely giving you instructions on how to repair your Char-Broil gas grill.

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Just a bit of tinkering on the wild side.

Hitler, now that’s crazy.

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Alright, the camera circuit took around 2 minutes, maybe 3 to get it to 27o volts, so I made a charger curcuit using 2 400 volt shocker instructables, so its right over 500 volts, and charges the capacitors to 300 volts in under 30 seconds, and keeps chugging on prety well after that. I should have a demo video tonight XD

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sben nice knowin’ ya @XOIIO.

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Well I went to a photo store and got a box of 145 disposable cameras, that means right around 130 capacitors!! (some of the cameras dont have a flash)

I’ve taken apart maybe 30 or 40, its taking forever XD

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