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Can’t, it’s extremely beyond nsfw.

But then there is this one – “Hon, I’ll pay for the tickets.”

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When i had served my girlfriend her dinner, wearing only my underwear, afterwards she said: “Wow, that zucchini dish was marvellous!

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A lot of people have been telling me that I am beautiful this week. I’m not familiar with being told this, so it has really made me smile. :)

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“I’m so happy when I know you dance and listen to your music”
My fiancee said it while I was bouncing around while ironing clothes. Later that night he went out and got me an iPod dock/porta-speakers I can take into any room and have my music play.

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I can’t remember it all, because it was sort of a compliment ambush. It came from my attorney, and another attorney. As soon as I was alone after that conversation, I burst into tears. I have never felt quite so acknowledged or appreciated for my hard work, before. I think what really stood out to me was: “You have single-handedly built bridges.”

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I love you.

Tried, yet true. I can never hear it enough and the truth is that it is the only thing I live for. If you tell me that and you mean it, I’ll do anything for you. Well…. assuming I love you, too.

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I’ll give you asking price for your house.

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You are a great mom.

my husband

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I went to pick up a young woman of 24, to give her a ride to work, when I got there she said she was not quite ready yet and asked me to come in and wait, then she ask if I would come to her room. I knocked, and asked if it was alright to come in, she said yes, come on in. when I opened the door she was standing by the bed, completely naked, and said she wanted to be my slave….

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@DrBill… That’s wildly inappropriate… “Young girl” makes you sound like a pedophile. I suggest you say “Young woman” next time you tell this story. ;)

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“Good to see you !!” from a few friends at an art show:)

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Someone asked me on a date. I had to say no due to other circumstances, but he said “I’ve always thought you were a lovely lady.” It was sweet.

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Thank you, I fixed it. I am 55, so she is a girl to me

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Haha. Good for you. XD

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My wife tells me nice things all the time. My dog coming in a close second with pretties.

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“That makes you look so hot!” From my girlfriend.

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You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen! Look at those eyes! Oh! And that hair!!!
A friend of my grandmothers, older lady from my church.

Look at this pretty thang! Work it girl!
some freaks and his weirdo friends walking down the street.

You’d look pretty sexy in red hair!
Mom/ best friend/ guy friend from school.

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“Forrest is a born leader who can inspire people to rally behind a cause and really make a difference.” – Darrell Tierney

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I love you’s and happy birthday’s- was a great week for me.

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This was a little over a week ago, but an old woman I met at a dinner party said I had one of the prettiest faces she had ever seen :) She only thought so because I was happy…I was in Paris.

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“You make me so happy.”

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I love you…nothing better than those 3 words! ;)

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Well, nobody threatened to kill me today.

I take what I can get.

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Mr. Fiance told me that I’ve lost weight. It’s nice to hear, since I’ve been working out for about 3 months now, and have been feeling lately that I’m not losing as quickly as I would like to be.

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I lady I met yesterday told me, “Of all the people that I’ve met, you are the most recent!”.

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I adopted a dog that I am in a bind about because my other dog hates him, and he has a lot of medical needs. I am so sad that I may not be able to keep him. My dad called me and told me “you have the biggest heart of anyone I know, don’t ever feel bad for trying to do the right thing.” Made me feel good cause I have felt like a loser this week haha

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I was talking about starting to feel old and comparing myself to younger women, wishing I could be in my twenties again, and my husband said “You’ll always be beautiful to me” I know he really meant it and wasn’t just saying what he wanted me to hear.

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“Wow! It’s been a long time, do you feel as good as you look? I love your hair!”

Said by someone I graduated from high school with.

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One of our new patients wrote a yelp review and mentioned me specifically by name as a cheerful and helpful employee! That was pretty awesome—my manager sent out an e-mail to the whole company to let them know :) Also, one of my coworkers said I have a sexy voice which is kinda fun because I hate my voice!! haha

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I’ve never seen one that big.

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“I always want to talk to you.”

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“You can leave work early if you want”. It was a beautiful day too.

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Every time my husband calls me a nickname in a happy voice it feels like the nicest thing. Thank goodness that happens often.

Several people told me I looked good in my bathing suit yesterday. I guess that was nice, but I don’t feel like I looked good in it, so it didn’t real help me feel better about it.

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I was called awesome by a fellow jelly :)

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“I love you, mommy.” Hearing that from any of my teenagers is always awesome.

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I said I love you to my dog and growled at me. I like to think that’s his way of saying I love you too.

oh and did I mention I didn’t feed him that day or lay out his water bowl, I forgot :P

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Someone said:“Mistcha too.” :D

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@Pisces/Albert Fish/Grandpa, :D:D:D:D That was me!!!!

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Many people said really lovely things to me in my 10k party thread that gave me wonderful, warm feelings. It was lovely to know that for most people, my presence is mostly positive.

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@Bellatrix You know it, chicky. :)

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“You’re really beautiful.”

that was really a lovely and unexpected compliment

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You are a ray of sunshine!

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“I would recognize someone this beautiful.”
creepy neighbor

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@Symbeline Exactly what I said.

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A random stranger and few girls I know came right up to me and said I had a model’s body. I was flattered ,not that Im superficial. The woman thought I was a model and was suprised when I told her I had never been one.

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“I love you and I could marry you tomorrow.”

“you don’t care about things that most people care about. You take people as they are.”

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“You are SO articulate…wow.” After a panel discussion on which I was a panelist. Fun!

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Everything in this thread. Not sure it could get much nicer.

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My husband told me he likes my thighs. LOL. I hate them absolutely but he always says he likes them.

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