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How many people a day log on to Fluther?

Asked by pamfr (72points) May 3rd, 2008

Just wondering what the denominator is for the responses to questions.

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i would expect that most members log on once a day; its just so addicting; as for answering questions, who knows

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About 40k are visiting the site now according to

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One of the mods said they have around 10K registered users. I would imagine that unique registered users visiting per day is way lower than that. I would bet that it is a few hundred registered that reload the page a lot. And I am sure a bunch of people read it but never register.

That is all speculation. One of the mods would have to analyze the logs to really know.

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@Breefield thanks for posting that site. It’s pretty cool to use.

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Be wary of services like Alexa and Compete, they are almost always completely wrong. Alexa rankings used to place MySpace above Google, where in reality, Google had many times over the traffic that MySpace did (they both publish their actual usage). I think they corrected this, after much embarrassing attention from the press.

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Compete seems to think my portfolio site has two and a half thousand visitors a month. I wish that was actually the case.

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A little over 40K is about right. About 80% of our traffic comes from google, actually, which is why off-topic chat in a discussion is an issue.

Right now we have ~1000 responses a day.

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