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What have you wrapped in a tissue and accidentally thrown out?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11718points) August 8th, 2011

I think that was the fate of my missing Diva Cup :(

It also happened to some baby teeth.

What have you done this with? Retainer? Earrings?

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A tissue, right?

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My retainer.

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I hate to think of all the things I’ve accidentally tossed away. Just the other day I had to go garbage diving because I realized I tossed silverware they were wrapped in a paper towelMy brain was elsewhere that day.

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I said accidentally, @rebbel!! Although I don’t know you well…

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Sperm, I usually save it. Lol.

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@woodcutter Yeah, I put it in my protein shakes.

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I put in the shakes too! But not mine.

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