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Can a deactivated account on facebook be blocked?

Asked by choreplay (6297points) August 8th, 2011

I want to block someone from my facebook page but I think their page is currently deactivated. because I know these accounts can be re-activated at any time, without notice to me I would like to block it now. Is anyone familiar with whether this is possible?

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Have you tried blocking this person from the block feature in your privacy settings? I am not sure if once you deactivate your account, you still remain on your friend’s list. Usually you can only block someone who’s on your friend’s list.

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No, in a word. In the eyes of FB the account “temporarily doesn’t exist”.

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Welcome to Facebook, where privacy settings are complicated. According to the FB Help Center,

If you still can’t block someone using the methods described above, it’s possible that they have left Facebook or have restricted their privacy settings. You can still prevent them from viewing your profile by adjusting your privacy settings. Source

If I am interpreting this correctly, the person may have deactivated their account, or they may have blocked you or a specific group that you have been put in on their account. If you cannot find their account on your account, you can always ask a friend to do a search to see if their account still exists. It won’t help you out in this situation, but it may provide an answer as to whether their account is cancelled or not.

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