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Who wants to celebrate some great news? It's party time!

Asked by bobbinhood (5898points) August 8th, 2011

After a couple weeks of searching and having little reason for hope, @ANef_is_Enuf got her cat back today! She said that he’s a bit skinny, but looks like he’s going to be fine. This is great news that is worthy of a celebration!

But why stop there? Surely with so many jellies swimming here, there is plenty of great news to go around. What great news would you like to share? Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate the good side of life together.

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My g/f and I found our future home. Seriously thinking about go ahead with it. It is in Northern Michigan (up near Traverse City). Gorgeous view of the bay and Torch Lake, a huge barn, silo and a lovely farm house. All located on 7.4 acres. Beautiful.

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I got a new monopoly and my cheese cake didn’t burn for once, could you ask for a better day.
Actually you could !

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@Jude That’s wonderful! Northern Michigan is so pretty, and I love the way it smells there after a storm. That’s sweet that you’ll have so much land, too. Congratulations!

@sophiesword Not much beats perfect cheesecake. It sounds like a good day to me! :)

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@bobbinhood actually you are right it was white chocolate and raspberry.
it was nigella’s recipe so it was bound to taste fantastic

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@sophiesword I’ve never heard of her. I’m checking out her website now. Thanks for the tip.

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I’ve lost ten pounds of fat and gained a ton of muscle since starting my exercise regimen a month or two ago. I put together my regimen using suggestions from Flutherites.

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We got my mother-in-law moved out of her house and into assisted living where she seems to be really happy.

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My SO and I just found a sweet apartment in downtown KC. It’s a refinished one bedroom on the top floor of a historical building with a vaulted ceiling, washer/dryer, and they even threw in free parking. It’s a great location with great facilities and better management. It’s so much nicer than any other place I’ve stayed on my own. I couldn’t be happier – somehow all of this is affordable.

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Good for you man, I just found out that I lost 20 lbs in the last four months myself!

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@rOs thanks, and congrats to you as well!

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Don’t have any great news to pass on, but I am certainly stoked for @ANef_is_Enuf and the great kiddy rescue. Just keep him away from streets and large SUVs. He will grow old, loved, and happy. I am giving CK a celebratory head scratch in his honor.

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COngratulations to @Anef_is_Enuf!!
And all you guys as well :D
And my good news is… well. We’ve adopted a kitten recently, which is good news I suppose. I’ve named him Gucci.

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If anyone has a half a mil, my g/f’s parents are selling their cabin there. Check out the virtual tour. Tinyfaery and her wife will be spending time with us there in less than three weeks. :)

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@MilkyWay Name him Gucci Mane. haha

At the bank today, the told me I had sparkling credit. Woohoo! I get to hang out with my best friend all week. And I just bought him Cirque Du Soleil tickets for his birthday. We gon’ have so much fun!

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I am starting to feel a little better after being extremely sick last week. I am cooking dinner and I plan on eating it all, AND keeping it down.

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So after a blood test today It’s looking like my wife isn’t really diabetic after all. One less thing to trouble us.

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@redfeather LOL!
@KatetheGreat Aww, I hope you get real better real soon honey.
@woodcutter Yay!

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What’s my good news? Honestly?

I’m alive and kicking! That’s saying a lot for someone like me with a history of depression and other mental illnesses. Not only am I alive and kicking, I’m happy about it. I haven’t always been able to say that.

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And I’m glad the cat is home again, that had to have sucked big time. I get crazy if one gets out for 10 minutes.

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I liked cats until everone starting talking endlessly about them – and don’t get me started on Milo. But I do like @anef so congrats.

Kids: now that’s a topic.Cats? Oy.


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Well temporarily I’ve solved my exercise issue, I’m taking marching band this year, and band camp for marching band is taking care of it. Every morning we do calisthenics and a run. (more like a brisk walk for me, I have asthma and no inhaler. I’ve been told to Oprah-style power walk) Then march through the drill and fundamentals. And it’s all pretty fun. But this is the last week of band camp.

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Very glad to hear this good news! Congo rats!

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Yeah, @zen , ducks are cute, too. And cats like to chase ‘em.

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And boobs.

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@KatetheGreat Hey Holmes, now that you feel better, how bout singing a song for us and posting it on YouTube so we can hear you sing, Think Of Me? I’ll celebrate that! : )

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That’s so awesome!!! My cat is such an important part of our family, I know it was hard when our last cat was killed. I’m so glad her kitty is home.

My good news: I get to attend a family reunion in Chicago this weekend… I never get to travel, and I’m getting to meet a whole side of my family I’ve never met, so I’m super excited!!!

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I was suffering with tubercolosis just recently and I had alot of fluid in my lung. I spent about 3 months in the hospital, but now im cured and feeling much better.


First of all, it’s great that she finally got her cat back. I love animals, and the thought of losing an animal friend is very upsetting.

My own bit of good news is that my 2 little girls have finally dared to go into a swimming pool. They’ve always been afraid of the water, and in the past they would cry, panic, and cling onto me for dear life. I love to swim and it’s one thing I am very good at, but I could never convince my children to try it——just trying to “get them into the water” was a big challenge.

But this week, they finally let go of “Daddy” (Argh, those bruises on my arms! Lol.) and went into the water without a hitch. They seem to be slowly getting rid of their fear and even seem to like it now. Hooray. I am sooooo proud of them. :)

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That’s a milestone @MRSHINYSHOES Everyone should know how to swim, or at least keep themselves from drowning, the earlier the better. It’s a life-skill.


@woodcutter I definitely agree. But they’ve been always afraid of entering deep water. They have no problems wading in a shallow pool or at the lake shore, but going into a swimming pool? Yikes. I used to have to hold both in each arms and go in with them at once, and they’d still hold onto me tightly and cry. So this week, I finally “coaxed” my youngest to enter the water with me, and she did so, albeit very hesitantly. When her older sister saw her do it, she tried it herself. I was waiting in the water with open arms, so that made it a little easier. Lol. I’m very proud of them. :)

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The last bit of human inside of me died today, leaving me an empty shell without humanity or recogniseable conciousness.

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That is great news! I am happy for you both.:)

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Putting finishing touches on a huge monster order we are shipping to Mouse Land in Hong Kong. I will have more exciting news for y’all in 2 more years!! ;)

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@Cruiser Congrats CEO! : )

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Great news about the cat! So exciting and amazing!

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So wonderful to hear about Enuf’s cat! But, for better or worse, the best news I have to share is that I haven’t been stung by a wasp in over a week! It’s kind of been a bad month for me for wasp stings, by far the worst on record as a matter of fact, but it’s something at least.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I’m sure you’re smiling at getting your cat back. Now you have to get the story of what happened and how it got back!
I don’t have any new particularly good news, but that’s okay. Tomorrow is another day. (I’m going to get that phrase copyrighted.)

maybe not

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Yay! So happy to hear your kitty is home!

I am adopting a new girl kitty on Weds!
She is so cute, a Tabby Calico with white mittens and chest and a beautiful tabby body with orange undercoat and black and orange face!

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@mazingerz88 Thanks…I am grateful for these opportunities in this shit-ball economy! Thank God the Chinese still have money to spend!

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@Jude That’s gorgeous.

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:) I love it, too. Here is the barn and silo. My g/f wants to transform it into an art studio.

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