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Someone is walking toward you , it's crowded. Who moves and why?

Asked by redhen4 (520points) August 8th, 2011

who/how determines who moves when there isn’t enough room?
Whether in a crowded mall, on a sidewalk, wherever.

I am tired of always being the one who moves. I think it has to do with low self esteem, or backing down in almost all situations.

Anyone have this issue and how did you get “cured”?

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Many times I will move when I am in a hurry.Sometimes I will dance with people. A few times I have stood there like a brick wall if I am feeling sassy.
It is all dependent on my mood.:)

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I used to be the one who moved all the time. Moving to Toronto has changed that for me. I’ll move out of the way of an elderly person, a child, or a mom/dad with kid(s) in tow. Otherwise, I don’t. If I weren’t aggressive on the sidewalk, I’d get swept away.

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I used to care, but now I don’t because it’s not a big deal. I have no problem moving.

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I think it’s more about respect, if a granny walk toward me in the condition you that stated I’ll gladly move away.

The other reason is choice, if what you’re doing is really that important that you need to keep standing in your place, or if the other person is as annoying as hell then you’re free to make an action.

The other less common reason I have is when that person is attractive, I’ll keep standing until he asks me to move away, I’ll do it with smile and elegance!

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I do. Why? Because I can see someone walking towards me. Personally, I take responsibility for me. I’ve learned that not everyone walking is watching where they are going. I prefer to not get mowed down.

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If I’m alert I move, if I’m being a bonehead then people move for me. Consequently I get body-slammed every so often.

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It’s really easy for me to look all old and crippled to move fast not a big stretch or jump out of the way. If the person seems in worse shape than I am then I can side step. Most people out in these parts aren’t that bug anal about this. A lot of the time both people move. It’s the younger people who don’t care about stuff like this and for the most part have no shame about shoving someone to the side. That’s the way it is in every generation.

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I give quarter to each and every person…just how I was raised…if they are texting and not paying attention….they will be on the ground looking for phone parts before they knew what hit them.

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I move, it’s faster. If the default is just be polite and let them by, you get on your way a lot faster.

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GQ. It’s interesting how little things like this can be revealing, huh? I always move. It’s just one manifestation of my being a pushover.

At college, I had a guy friend who picked up on the fact that I apologize constantly. If I think I might possibly have inconvenienced someone, I apologize. The friend used to come up behind me and say “excuse me” in a high pitched voice. My immediate reaction was to jump out of the way while apologizing. He’d just laugh because it worked every single time. I’ll be interested in hearing the “cure” if anyone reveals it on this thread.

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Mariah, you’re Canadian! I always move- just not confrontational at all.

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Oh me, it’s always me, way too polite see.
Now the wife, depending on her mood, will not only not move, but will stand there like the great wall of china, only wearing a dress. When she does that I tend to walk a few yards ahead, you know, away from the blast zone :¬(

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If I see the oncoming person first then I’ll move, and that courtesy is usually reciprocated if the other person sees me first.

I.e., it’s usually just a matter of the first person who sees the other making the first move, and not one of territorial confrontation or dominance.

It’s been my experience that the oncoming person and I will usually both turn somewhat sideways to accommodate each other, if we see each other simultaneously.

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