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Would you buy cookies online?

Asked by abysmalbeauty (2734points) August 8th, 2011

I love to bake especially cookies. I’ve wanted for a long time to have an “e-bakery” where I could peddle my baked goods. Is it weird to buy baked goods online?

Do you think it would be less effective if you couldn’t smell the product (i.e. fresh baked chocolate chippy goodness)?

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No. I don’t like hard cookies.

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What if they were soft? :P

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I have never bought anything “sight unseen”. Especially food. Call it lack of trust in your fellowm man or whatever. Nothing against you, honest. Its a great idea.

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For the benefit of giving you balanced results…

I personally would never buy any kind of food online, not unless it was a local company with it’s own refrigerated van or something. I will not eat food delivered by a postman.

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@abysmalbeauty Then, yeah, especially knowing they were baked at home, instead of in a factory where I’d feel they were just pumped full of chemicals.

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@poisonedantidote yeah that is kind of creepy

Would probably have to be local and would definitely require some kind of professional food delivery service assistance

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@abysmalbeauty Start off catering to local offices only perhaps. Get big office blocks to place a regular monthly order. At least then you can make your oven to mouth time shorter.

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I have a fabulous cookie recipe. The chips stay gooey for days. I don’t know why. I might sell my cookies around the holidays.

I have to find a way to somehow accomplish this while working 50 hours a week at my regular job and being a mom lol

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I think keeping it local would be best. I wouldn’t buy cookies on line.

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Not unless I’d had them before, and couldn’t buy them anywhere else.

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I wouldn’t buy cookies, period. I don’t buy cookies.. I bake them. I don’t think that I would buy any kind of food online, though. Just seems weird.

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I wouldn’t ever do that. Like @ANef_is_Enuf, I make my own.

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I so want cookies now.

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I’ve bought cookies from Harry & David online in the past and would do it again. Someone else had actually sent some to us and since we liked them, we order them from time to time for ourselves and others.

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I think you can sell cookies online. But you have to get some exposure first (get the buzz going) so that people know they have to “try these fabulous abysmal beauty cookies”. Mrs. Field and Famous Amos started somewhere, right? I would start peddling at local gourmet shops, natural food stores (see if you can put a basket right on the front counter). And you have to distinguish your cookies from others, not just by taste, but by what gets a consumer first : branding/packaging and presentation.

I buy everything online…and have bought food online, too….especially at Christmas. See if you can get some lovely box to package your cookies in for Christmas. Do the local fairs and Christmas markets. And give out a form for more ordering. If you have shops that sell locally made products only (Made in Minnesota or whatever) go there, too.

I’m craving cookies, now….....:)

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The price would probably be prohibitive for me to buy cookies online. Price of cookies, shipping costs, waiting for them to be delivered, I would just buy them when I wanted them.

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I have to find a way to somehow accomplish this while working 50 hours a week at my regular job and being a mom lol
@abysmalbeauty Women do this on eBay all the time‘s been “done’ for years. If you want to give it try, why not try it there?

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I’d buy them if they were something special/exotic that I couldn’t get from the market or make myself. Otherwise no. If I want a cookie I want it now.

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Thanks all! I’m going to really put some thought into all of the suggestions. I made some cookies tonight but i’m not selling them :)

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I make my own, so I personally only buy one cookie that I choose to not master. (offer a good pistachio macaroon and I might order, but I still love going into the little Italian Bakery to get my fix)

You may want to get connected with local schools, churches, organizations that have bake sales. This could help you get started on a local level to get the feel for the commitment.

Putting up a web site is easy, so you could have your website link on a little card that you sell at the local bake sales, etc..

Not only do they need to be yummy, but you need to have a large variety. I for one like at least a dozen different types of cookies at the Holiday’s.

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