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Is Fluther affiliated with the CIA?

Asked by 28lorelei (2509points) August 9th, 2011

I ask this because even though it has been asked before, the previous answers were [redacted].

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I’d tell you, but the CIA will [redacted]

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No,they are the IRS….and I love them
Get your letters straight! ;)

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I don’t think so.

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What a silly question—of course it is!

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Of course! Do you think I would do this if I wasn’t paid?

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If we told ya, we’d have to kill ya.

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That is what they want you to believe. Truth is Fluther is an arm of the NSA which uses the information gathered here on Fluther to [Redacted] which in turn is used to [Redacted] and all those arrested are never seen nor heard from again.

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What…..the CIA?
Quite possibly so, what with all the food references & all.

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OMG! @JilltheTooth has been had!!!

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@[redacted], I think that is the greatest answer I’ve ever read, but the funniest definitely belongs to @ [redacted].

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So, what you’re saying is [REDACTED].

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If by C.I.A. you mean the Culinary Institute of America, I certainly hope so! They might share their wonderful recipes with us here! Or if you mean Central Intelligence Agency, I am confident that most of the mod’s on Fluther are on DOD payroll and I believe they monitor this site for activity against [redacted]

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Ya. We were responsible for organizing the raid on Bin Laden.

Oh. And we do misinformation campaigns.

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My favourite jellyfish recipe:

1. Clean jelly
2. Heat one tbs of olive oil in pan
3. Add some crushed garlic, fry till lightly browned
4. Add jelly. Fry to a golden brown
5. Serve with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

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<screaming with horror>

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You need to read between the redacted lines.

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For the record, I went to ICE not FCI, or CIA.

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Yes they are, I, as a high ranking employee of the Agency, can tell you.
Therefore I a am one of the happy few who’s answers never get redacted.
Let me explain a little about how this cooperation started:
In early 2007 the founders of Flu#*%^@#+ ... and there they were, three cute little lambs, with their pristine wooly coats.
Mommy sheep turned to call her offspring for a get-toget&##^@%^... where we and Fluther, in California, signed the contracts.

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If it were true, I would been taken care of one way or another by now. Unless I worked for the CIA, which I don’t because I work for the NSA. So rest assured, the CIA are not tapping in. :P

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The tentacles of the CIA and FLUTHER are intimately entwined in an erotic embrace.

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Pfft the CIA has no controll over * *BANG**

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We’re associated with Nyarlathotep within the thirteenth circle of Hell, giving rise to the blood moon…mwaha.

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Is the pope a catholic?

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The CIA would investigate ANY new social-interactive website, so the chances are , yes, it is extremely likely they have investigated

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