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When will Microsoft release a new Xbox console?

Asked by richardhenry (12692points) May 3rd, 2008

My friend is very close to convincing me to order one. Is now a good time, or should I wait? Any other advice or input?

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This is a great time to get a 360. There are many great games available right now (mass effect, halo3, orange box, gta4, just to name a few), and plenty to still be released. As a proud owner, go get it. It will be a few years until a new one is released.

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well, maybe they’ll start testing next year, so it’ll be on the market in 3, it’s anyones guess

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Unless you want to wait 3–5 years to get a new one, I would just buy a refurbished 360.

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I imagine next year they announce xbox 3 and its released a year or so after that.

The console life cycle is generally 5 years. That’s the standard Sony set and it seems to be a good number.

I would think now is a good time to buy. I don’t anticipate a price drop until the ps3 gains momentum. Maybe that until should be an if.

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Man, here’s the deal, If you want to play the games that are out now, go ahead and buy one. The newer consoles are just going to be more expensive and then you’ll have to wait for more games. Think of it as similar to buying a pc. Tomorrow they can come out with better, but you take a risk of missing out on “today’s“fun.

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Okay, I ordered one. Cheers guys.

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yay, welcome to the club! (that is actualy a realy cool game to get, The Club, just check it out, it’s sooo cool)

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I’ve heard 2010.

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