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Why is fast food SO good, but SO incredibly bad for you?

Asked by Bill_Lumbergh (1468points) August 9th, 2011

Hey everybody, what’s happening?

Yes, I just ate some delicious fast food, an Italian Cheeseburger for lunch.Yes, I am completely aware how exceedingly unhealthy food like this is for me, and trust me – I very rarely eat food like this! Everyone understands this on-going dilemma with fast food chains offering some delicious items. (Wendy’s new sea salt fries) And I am sure all of us have experienced a late night hunger attack at 2AM, and we drive straight to Taco Bell! (Doesn’t that food taste amazing at 2AM?) Please share some of your sinful fast food favorites, and also talk about your thoughts on the implicit risks of eating horribly unhealthy, but always convenient meals like this.

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Wondered about that myself. But in my case, my family raised me eating all sorts of fat. Beef, pork and chicken so I’m guessing mental and gastronomic conditioning as possible explanations?

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The fat and salt. It’s OK if you stick to once in a while.

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>Fast food
Pick one.

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I haven’t been able to stand even the smell of those restaurants since about a year after I stopped eating fast food. I still eat Chinese food once a week, though I’m the guy who complains that there’s no broccoli in the General Tso’s chicken anymore.

Wow… I’m boring.

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It’s the excessive use of fats, salt, and other “flavorings” which actually make the people who eat fast food crave it. Have you seen “Super Size Me”?

I used to eat Wendy’s every day as a kid, along with any other junk food I wanted. It was delicious, of course, but I really wish my parents had done some, you know, parenting.

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I can’t even force myself to eat fast food. I’ll stop at a Vitamin Shoppe to get a protein bar if I’m out doing errands and notice I’m starving.

I pay for salt laden foods for days after eating them. No thanks.

The closest thing I get to fast food is a burger from this place with a side of sweet potato fries.

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@Facade – Yes, I have seen that movie. I honestly believe what Morgan Spurlock did in that movie was extreme, but understandable in proving a point with what most people consider a “normal” diet of fast food. (I did not go to McDonalds for almost a year after watching that movie)

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@SpatzieLover – The Tallgrass Grill looks amazingly delicious! Remind me to stop by there next time I visit Milwaukee.

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@Bill_Lumbergh I suggest you find a local place that serves healthier fast food. If Milwaukee has a healthy version, other cities have to have the same.

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All of it!

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It’s just another one of god’s jokes !!

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It has been shown that combining sugar, salt, and fat have very similar effects on the brain as drugs. The three have a synergistic effect that elevates the levels of dopamine causing extreme pleasure. Notice how most obese people like to binge on the three? They are addicted to the rush.

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@SquirrelEStuff – so in other words Ronald McDonald is a closet “drug-dealer”?

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Sugar fats and salt are addictive. Sugar is incredibly addictive and present at all fast ood joints. Even in the hamburger buns.

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Actually, there are a few lawsuits going around against fast food chains accusing them of knowingly combining the three to try and increase addiction to their products.

Check out The Century of the Self, a documentary about Edward Bernays, the father of public relations and nephew of Sigmund Freud. It shows how corporations and governments spend a lot of money on research and development to make products and services appealing to us using all different kinds of concepts, that we are unaware of.

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It’s usually packed with fat, salt and sugar bodies love to crave to use for fast fuel. Once you’ve had some fast food you like the taste of then your brain remembers where to get that fast fix and will hit you up with images of that.

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A new study in the news today says that fat and sugar are comforting and part of the leftover needs in humans of long ago ancestors who needed fat to survive.

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Love a McD’s quarterpounder, fries and a coke no ice once in a blue moon. Literally, I probably eat it 3–4 times a year. I also really like Arby’s roast beef with Arby’s sauce, no fries necessary, and I don’t care what I drink (I quit caffeine many years ago, but do cheat once in a while like the coke at McD’s or an iced tea every so often). I eat at Arbys once a year at the most I think. Sometimes years go by between Arby’s visits.

Any other fast food is some fluke on a road trip most likely, and very rare.

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I think fast food is gross.

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