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Why are you still using fluther?

Asked by ball (14points) August 9th, 2011

Hey guys why are you still using fluther? They already sold their soul to twitter, and they’ll never comback. Flapon or Namesake is much better option I think.

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I wonder who you used to be. Doubt I’ll have the time to find out ;)

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I’m not on Fluther because of the people that made it, I don’t even know them. Are we all on here to hang out with the creator? I doubt it. That’s like saying I’m going to stop using facebook because Mark Zuckerberg’s sister left the company.

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Fluther is recommended to anyone who desires the answer to a question or wishes to start a discussion on a particular topic. There is an amazing diversity among the userbase, and quality answers can be received on most any topic. Thoughtful discussions are possible as well. Participation in the community brings a higher “lurve” score, and providing answers in the user’s area of expertise can be satisfying for the user. Fluther has a very “Web 2.0” look and feel. The site is fairly clean and uncluttered, and navigation is intuitive. The site is very responsive and page loads happen quickly. Search results are returned in a matter of a few seconds. There is no advertising displayed on the site when you are logged in. Overall, Fluther = better!!

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No spelling moderating there, i guess?

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I’m still on Fluther because Blackberry is still here. I love he.

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Because it smells better than Frostcloud.

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By the way this belongs in Meta, noob.

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To offer my experiences, insights and wisdom whenever they are needed.
I’m just kidding. To be a dick to other people.

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@ball – Sounds like you are only here to be jealous of what we got here at Fluther! (or perhaps you are checking out this quality website) Either way, welcome!

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I am using it during my spare time. Come Fall, I won’t be around here anymore.

It’s fun.

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Because it’s freakin’ awesome.

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Why would you ask a question like that if you are on here too?

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BTW: Both of the sites you recommended @ball look like twitter/FB wannabes.

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Besides, everyone loves it here!! Be honest everyone, when was the last time your rememeber logging out?!

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For me it’s a combination of boredom and liking some of the people here. They’re generally less stupid than the rest of the internet.

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I’m still here because being here is still fun. I compared Q&A sites before joining, and this was the one I liked.

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Fluther’s open forum and very good degree of answerers with decent and well thought out answers beat a lot of crappy answers that some other sites have. The adult oriented class of people are what I desire.

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Because I like it, and I like the people here. I’m not about to go to another site unless Fluther shut down and we all migrated somewhere else.

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Because no one here complains about my chronic halitosis.

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Because I am wiser here and plus I live to see @ucme awesome avatar’s!

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You made me do it!

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Because @Cruiser leaves me hanging.

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I get paid a lot to be here. And six weeks of vacation each year.

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Ditto @Michael_Huntington and because some of my old pals are here in fluther now.

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Because it’s fun and I don’t think anyone here holds a grudge against anyone thus making for a friendly enviroment.

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@picante You get paid!!!!??? How can I get in on this racket? PM me. ;-)

I tried going elsewhere, but they told me I “smelled of the sea” and wouldn’t let me come on board. So here I am, where smelling like the sea is ok.

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My tentacles are frowned upon elsewhere.

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Because this site reminds me there IS intelligent life out there. The rest of the Internet makes me really fear for the future of the human brain.

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Because it’s fun and I don’t want to stop?

Those other sites look like bullshitty pseudo discussion boards where they don’t even give you a large enough character limit to write anything meaningful whatsoever.

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@linguaphile I know, right? If there is another website like this, I’d really like to see it.

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@Blackberry Haven’t found it, that’s for sure. And if I did, I’d probably still stay here because of the friends I’ve made here.
@RealEyesRealizeRealLies backatcha

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Aren’t the spammers supposed to have links directly to the sites? Don’t you know, @ball that we’re too lazy to go there without the red stuff?

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Because I can.

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@Cruiser, whatever are you writing?

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Because I like.
Because people are nice [most of them].
Because people have a lot of opinions here.

And a few other reasons I won’t share right now.

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damn i keep checking back here from the notices thinking @Cruiser has responded

dude i’m about to send in the poe-leese to check in on you

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies : I know, right? He doesn’t usually write so much… now @wundayatta , that’s a different story! But @Cruiser? Not so much. I’m thinking the phone rang. We’ve been forgot. Or maybe he left us for one of those other sites… <wipes away tears>

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The pay is better here…and so is the happy hour!

Sorry guys a salesman popped in on me and I forgot I was here! HS!

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I’m here for shits, giggles, edification, stimulating discourse and occasionally top notch help/advice from the collective.

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Because of the hot guys on here.

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@chyna You know it. : )

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@ball I’m wondering why you care why we’re here? Do you have a stake in the alternative sites you mentioned or something?

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I first landed here when I googled a question on running. I spent some time clicking around the site and noticed a healthy level of respectful and intelligent debate, which as most of you know is extremely uncommon on the Net. So I stayed.

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She’s a totaly tramp, I get laid all the time ;)

Flapon and Namesake give you herpes and then sit on the couch using your money.

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There are lots of people I would miss if they left Fluther.
Imagining that one by one they go, I would get closer to leaving.
There are too many to mention, and in most cases, I am sure that they sort of know who they are.
But at the end of the day, as long as @lucillelucillelucille is here, me too. If she goes, I am gone, baby, gone.

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Just for shits and giggles.

Plus, I’ve been here 2 years now. It’s just easier to stay than to go.

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I will never get why people will join a site just to slag it off. If they don’t like it why do they just not join??

Anyway to answer the question, I’m here because of the members, not the founders.

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I just learned a new emoticon (I’m an old lady okay!!) which is appropriate for this thread…


(eye-rolling at @ball)

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Ack! What was modded? What did I miss? Who got attacked! Geez, I walked away for just a minute OK, 2 minutes, I had to pee and things heated up!

@linguaphile : love the emoticon! (I’m an old lady, too, I’m easliy amused…)

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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@JilltheTooth oops… we’re old ladies sandwiched between personal attacks. Hang on!

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It’s making me feel special…and a little naughty! BTW, Congrats on your 5K!!!

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Because I love my jellies. Period.

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thank you so much @JilltheTooth!!

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Because it fuckin rocks. ^^

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I just can’t quit you Fluther!

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it makes the voices go away . . .

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What’d I miss?

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I’m just here for the nekked pancake parties.

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Because, as a master procrastinator, I get a lot of variety: unexpected humor; sage suggestions; medical advice; interesting bits of information; soap opera plots; news commentary; nasty fights; recipes; sites to visit if I get bored; titillating back and forth comments; . . . .what more could I ask for? And I can do whatever, later.

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@erichw1504 there’s a nekked pancake party? Why didn’t anyone tell me this?!

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@King_Pariah There’s always a nekked pancake party going on somewhere.

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We are all plaid pants er paid plants, right?

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