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What do you know about NLP? Does it really work? Is it worth investing into it?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) May 3rd, 2008

I have heard so much about it I am curious to find more about it. Has any of you taken a course in this subject? NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistics Programming

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Frankly it sounds like a load of BS to me. Here’s a more complicated way of saying that:

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I agree with nikipedia…...for something with such a scientific sounding name, it seems very much like a pseudo science to me…

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@niki thanks a lot for the info, I will forward this info to my brother

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I think it’s good, but you can figure it out by reading the books before you invest in
training. The books are good reading and you’ll get the idea.

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What do I know about NLP?

I have completed 120 hours training and have been certified as an NLP Practitioner. I incorporate NLP both in the personal and corporate coaching work I do, and have definitely seen it work in many positive ways.

Do I think it works?

Yes definitely, and no I am not an “NLP is everything” robot.

I think the measure of NLP is in the doing. You can get deeply entrenched in proving the “science” or theory of it but that misses the point.

For me NLP is about being conscious of how you do things and the results you get, and about being open to ways of improving on that process. It is a useful tool for breaking patterns of thoughts/behaviours and introducing new ones that are more appropriate.

Does it work for everyone in all situations? No. People change themselves. NLP is only a tool to assist with that process, not a magic pill.

Is it worth investing in?

In what way? It is certainly worth investing time and perhaps a small amount of money, say to buy a good book (I can suggest some good one’s if anyone is interested) and learn about it. From there you will know if your interest merits further investment.

My training cost me about £2500 and I don’t regret one penny of it. I know other people who have started reading a borrowed book and put it down 5 minutes later and written it off completely.

It also depends what you are investing in. Not all providers are the same. I know some amazing people who do tremendous work. I have come across those that if they weren’t “doing” NLP they would be selling double glazing.

I’m wondering what prompted your question originally but only on the basis that I might be able to give a more specific answer.

Hope that helps and is still relevant bearing in mind how long ago your question was asked.

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Start with books for beginners, im working my way through NLP for dummies, id love to go on a course but they are all so expensive. For now im keeping an open mind and checking out as much free or affordable resources as I can. I can see real benefits in it.

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