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What are your opinions on these different Army bases?

Asked by livestrong (213points) August 9th, 2011

I am applying for the Army and one of the questions is where I would like to go for my first duty assignment. I was thinking that I would like to go to Texas or Georgia but in both states there are a few different stations. I was wondering if anyone could give me opinions on the locations and/or stations.

Places in Texas: FT Sam Houston, FT Hood and FT Bliss

Places in GA: Ft Gordon and Ft Benning

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I don’t think you will have much of a choice. Some posts are MOS specific so you go to that one. If you can choose the duty station then the Army sure has changed. What is your MOS?

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They gave me a list and told me to name mh top 3. I am a nurse.

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OK then I think BAMC is nice. I’ve been in San Antonio and I thought it was more exotic than the typical US army base town. Remember the Alamo!.

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I don’t know about the Georgia ones. I’ve been to Fort Hood several times, as a civilian because I had friends stationed there when I lived in Texas. Fort Hood and Fort Bliss are both HUGE if that makes a difference. And Fort Hood is kind of in the middle of nothing. Killeen! Not all that exiting. And @woodcutter is right about San Antonio. It’s a wonderful town and one of those few American cities, like San Francisco or New Orleans, that has a truly unique flavor and personality. Remember the Alamo (is way smaller than you think it is. You’ll be shocked even, maybe!) :-)

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Since you want a US base, you will probably end up in Landstuhl, Germany. Now if you wanted Germany, you would likely end up in one of the US posts.

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Mr. Laureth, who was in the army for a decade, says “They always ask that, but you rarely get it – unless it’s in your enlistment contract. All other things being equal, they’d rather send you where you want to go, but…..

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Fort Benning. More hard core personnel. Interesting
Fort Gordon. Reasonably close to the beach. Fun.
Fort Sam. Lots of medical personnel. Your element.
Fort Bliss. Middle of nowhere. Don’t
Fort Hood. Same as Fort Bliss.

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Another vote for San Antonio. Great variety of people, military and civilian, excellent nightlife, movie theaters that serve beer, and Riverwalk!

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That river walk is excellent and if I remember right they have a botanical gardens and a place with coy fish, and the Lonestar beer museum.

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San Antonio is really a nice area and they have a lot of medical capabilities at Ft. Sam Houston. Ft. Hood also has a pretty large medically center, but I’ve heard a lot of people complain that they feel like they’ve been stuck there (unable to go anywhere else) once getting there. I’ve always heard to avoid Ft. Bliss as much as possible. I think it’s mostly due to the location. Ft. Gordon is in a nice area as well and has a good bit around it. I don’t really know much about that actual base though. Ft. Benning is in a nice area, but there isn’t much else around it other than Columbia.

Are you from either of those areas? If not, have you ever been to those areas? I’m just asking because if you aren’t from that general area and not use to the weather there, you may want to consider that as well.

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Fort Sam Houston is just about the nicest Army base in Texas! It would help if you were looking at a medical MOS of some sort.

For Georgia, Fort Benning takes the prize. Benning is the home of both the Infantry and the Airborne.

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I say Fort Sam, but I have not been to all of the ones you named.

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