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Sometimes Garageband just stops recording for seemingly no reason?

Asked by richardhenry (12692points) May 3rd, 2008

It comes up with a message saying that “part of the project couldn’t be played” and that I should look into “optimizing performance”. It’s recording on a MacBook Pro with 4GB of RAM, with only Garageband and Safari open.

What’s the problem? I’ve even changed the audio driver to “maximum number of simultaneous tracks”, and followed everything on the optimizing performance guide on the Apple help site.

Any suggestions? Our podcast is taking ridiculously long to record this week because it keeps cutting out.

Thanks guys!

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Have you tried locking the tracks that you’re not using? That’s worked for me in the past.

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There’s only one track though, that’s the thing…

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I have had this problem for two years. I think I just narrowed my problem down to hot swapping my audio source or input. Sometimes I record things that I play music into from my iPod and then switch to the same computer an play out from iTunes and back into the same computer as it is recording. I am running a presentation program while this is happening so I cannot monitor what garageband is doing.

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