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How can I figure out what point is exactly halfway around the world from another point?

Asked by Jeruba (45823points) August 9th, 2011

If I don’t have a physical, spherical globe with a world map on it, how can I tell what place is halfway around the world?

Is there a website where I can put in a location or coordinates and compute the opposite point on the globe?

I tried using Google to answer this, but I must not have come up with the right search terms.

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Hope this is what you’re looking for
Now I’m gonna check… the opposite of where I am is… water.

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Thanks, @linguaphile. That does seem to find the point that is literally opposite. And now I guess what I really meant was the point in the same hemisphere or at the same latitude. Opposite to me is water too, and that’s not what I was after. But I was able to move the maps around and make a pretty good approximation.

What search terms did you use to find this?

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You’re welcome, @Jeruba! I think if you used the longitude the program gives you, but your own latitude, you’d find what you’re looking for.
I used “longitude latitude opposite”

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I put it on the map as Jeruba (opp). It puts you on the eastern coast of China near Weihai. I just flipped the longitude from negative to positive.

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Very cool, @johnpowell. But is the negative/positive flip definitely the right answer? Doesn’t that just place me an equal distance from the Prime Meridian in the other direction rather than 180 degrees around the circumference?

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You could also use GMT times to approximate the opposite point from your area. If you are at a place where the local time is 1:00 PM look for the place where the local time is 1:00AM. However using longitudes and latitudes would be far more accurate.

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I fixed it. It is actually putting you in Iran.

edit :: Since your long is -121.928715705872 I just added 180.

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There indeed is a website for this. I can’t remember what the site address is though. Try searching “antipode” or some variation thereof.

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This site seems to do what you want using maps rather than coordinates.

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@Jeruba I’m curious. Why do you want to know? Are you digging a hole?

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@Sunny2, what a temptation to reply with a romantic fiction. But no, in actuality it’s because an acquaintance whom I don’t know very well (and feel a little put off by) mentioned that he now lives exactly halfway around the world from his birthplace. Since I’m curious about where he’s from but haven’t felt like asking, I figured that I could find out by computing what’s halfway around the globe from our present locale. And Iran would be a logical answer.

When I was about 8 or 9, I did persuade the neighborhood kids that we could dig a hole to China. We all thought that sounded exciting, and so we made a great start, right beneath a big old oak tree. Suddenly we encountered an angry red claw reaching up for us. “It’s the devil’s hand!” I screamed. “Quick, fill the hole!” What a heart-pounder that was. Narrow escape! We never tried it again.

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@Jeruba What was the red claw? A crawdad? A scorpion? A red chicken foot? I’d be scared too!

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No, my dear, it was a root of the oak tree. I kind of think I realized that at the time, but I preferred the drama. Besides, I was getting a little tired of digging.

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Isn’t it fun to reminisce? Thanks for sharing. I love the visual picture I get.

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