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Which celebrity/famous person do you think is better looking now than when they were younger?

Asked by Jellie (6489points) August 10th, 2011

I for one think Julie Andrews is beautiful right now but dont’ think she was particularly pretty when she was younger.
Brad Pitt for me is also more attractive now.

What, in your opinions, are some people that are better looking now that they’re older?

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I think David Bowie looks much better now than he did in his younger days.

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David Bowie… drooool

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Hugh Laurie
Re the 2nd snap: DAMN, BABY!

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The George Clooney

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Clooney, hands down.

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Martin Sheen looked pretty odd back in the 60’s.

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It’ll be interesting if anyone can come up with any women (well done @sarahhhhh ). We just become old…men become better looking.

I’m putting my vote in for Lynne Redgrave.

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Tom Hanks – when he was young he looked like a doofus.

I think Jennifer Aniston is much more attractive now than when she was on Friends.

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@aprilsimnel you made my day with that second picture…. ARRRR!

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Christina Ricci.

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I think that Julie Andrews and Davie Bowie were better looking when younger.

Sharon Stone would be my pick.

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Jennifer Aniston. The older she gets, the better looking she is.

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Harrison Ford?

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John Leguizamo

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Oooooh @Pandora too true.

Ohh thought of another one. Demi Moore!

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Mark Harmon. He was a pretty boy when he was on St. Elsewhere. Now he’s a handsome man!

Daniel Radcliffe. Used to be a dorky looking little boy, now he’s a pretty good looking young man.

Alan Rickman (now I’m talking way back, he used to have a prince valiant hair cut) but he just keeps getting hotter and hotter. As you can see here

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Courtney Cox looks better now than in her “Friends” days, though I suspect it is the war paint and a little knife work, more than nature.

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Sean Connery. Age has only improved him.

Also Ian McKellen.

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Another vote for Demi Moore, Hugh Laurie (swoon), Alan Rickman, Helen Mirren and Sean Connery.

Honorable mentions- Sandra Bullock, Twiggy, Adrianne Barbeau and Elisabeth Sladen (RIP Sarah Jane)

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Oh, and Patrick Stewart.

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Marilyn Monroe: the weight loss has really improved her looks!

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^ That is so rude and crude, dude. ^

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Christoph Waltz.

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I’m going to have to go with Demi Moore and Michelle Pfeiffer.

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As of last night, I’m going to say Charles Shaugnessy (who played Maxwell Sheffield on The Nanny), who just guest starred on Fran Drescher’s new show Happily Divorced. And YES they did kiss and it was awesome!!!

You can see the kissing clip Here

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@Kardamom . . . I don’t know. He was pretty hawt on Days Of Our Lives.

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@Blondesjon Yes he was, but just like with Mark Harmon, he was a little bit too pretty. Now he’s super, super handsome and sexy. I almost had a heart attack and wet myself last night, but not necessarily in that order LOL.

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@Kardamom I thought he was gorgeous then. Haven’t seen him outside the show. Google images time.

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@sarahhhhh You bet. Charles Shaugnessy is all kinds of gorgeous, as a young fellow on the soap operas, and of course you know how hot he was on The Nanny, but check him out Now. That picture was from the new show (on TV Land) called Happily Divorced, starring Fran Drescher. She invited Charles to guest star on her new show, and they shared an amazing kiss! You can (and should) watch Happily Divorced online here and then check out the episode called “Date with Destiny” to see Charles and Fran re-united.

Here is another fine photo of Charles and this one

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