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Why is the skin on my face turned red?

Asked by QueenOfNowhere (1871points) August 10th, 2011

So I just took a shower and now my cheeks are red, its like many red dotts combines together and its huge. Both cheeks. Also, I had a bit of acne problem there but it was normal for 6 months… Also my forehead has acne scars I think that are reddish and darkish. My skin doesn’t look nice now. Theres a little blood vessel in the corner of my nose. What is going on man!

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It sounds like the beginnings of rosea. Do you smoke?

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Did you wash your face with hand or bath soap? I think some of those soaps can irritate facial skin.

I use a jojoba meal and oatmeal facial mask and scrub. After I rinse that off, I use an aloe vera-based moisturizer.

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Yes, it could be rosacea or you may just have very reactive skin as I do. nothing to worry about but you might want to see a dermatologist.

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Maybe I’m underreacting, but maybe the water was just too hot?

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Allergic reaction
water too hot
something you ate

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This is a very common reaction to a dairy allergy. Try cutting all dairy from your diet for a week or so, and see if it clears up.

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