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What do you like for breakfast?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) May 3rd, 2008

I am tired of eating the same thing all the time, that is cereal. I know there are other things I could eat at various restaurants, but I am so far from everything. I am in the middle of nowhere.

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The choices are almost endless…....
Personally I’m a fan of yoghurt and juice. But you could also go with toast, pancakes, or even a ‘full-English/Irish’ (aside from the pudding, I still don’t know the difference) with any combination of:
Baked Beans
Black/White pudding

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Pizza…the breakfast of champions!

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Bread with sprinkles. (that’s what the translator says)

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I love French toast.. And its easy to make :)

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Chili & cheddar omelet with salsa on top and side of homefries. Right after a lil wake and bake

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or French toast. Must have bananas and vanilla and cinnamon icing

Man do I have the munchies now

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chris6137 that sounds so good… Especially after a wake&bake..

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Huevos Rancheros con Chorizo y Chili Verde

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Short stack of pancakes with syrup. Also prefer some juice or flavored-milk on the side.
Recently, i have also developed a likening for Dunkin Donut’s flat bread sandwiches

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Whatever I have for breakfast, I like fruit to be part of it, especially berries.

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bagel toasted with cream cheese. oj. coffee.

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skim latte with a Kashi® almond/flax seed cereal bar.

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mcbealer, that’s a really good snack… I love kashi bars and their cereals..
But for breakfast? Is that enough?

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If you’re rushing on a workday morning, a microwave egg poacher works in a minute. A little S&P and a toasted english muffin, and you’re set.

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I have jotted down all these ideas about breakfast. I’m sure I’ll have a better feelin’ in the morning. Thanks to you all.

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omelets, hashbrowns, bagels, oranges,
I love breakfast! Favorite meal of the day.

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Im making blueberry muffins right now ;) from the box of course, I’m not that good, haha.

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got the muchies haight?

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@ TheHaight ~ kashi bar plus the latte = 23 grams of protein… for me it’s a perfect start.
I have hypoglycemia, so I tend to eat about 4–5 small meals throughout my day.

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haha no i didn’t, chris.

I see..its different for everyone, mcbealer. For me, those Kashi bars are snacks in betweeen lunch and dinner (or breakfast and lunch). They are quite tasty though, and I have tried just eating the bar for breakfast and was starving after an hour! I’m not a big eater as well, I just love breakfast!

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Breakfast keeps me on the go early in the morning, so it must have some heavy duty calories. Of course I also take vitamins along with it. I have to try those Kashi bars you guys are talking about. @mcbealer where do you get these bars? Can I order them online?

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You can probably order them.. But i’d think they’d be at just about any grocery store. Whole foods, trader joes? I get them at my school. ;)

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I will look around the shops here in Singapore, if not I would have to look for them online, thanks Haight

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I get them at Walmart. They are called Kashi Honey Almond Flax cereal bars.
Not sure about overseas though…

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Chinese food. Mmmm.

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