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Who's your unconventional celebrity crush?

Asked by Seelix (14862points) August 10th, 2011

You know, someone who’s not really your “type” or someone that you might not ordinarily find attractive.
Someone who’s just got that je ne sais quoi that no one else has.
Someone you might be a little embarrassed to admit you have a crush on, maybe?

Any unconventional celebrity crushes out there?

Me, I’d marry Steve Buscemi in a heartbeat.

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I have always had a secret little crush on Jean Reno, after i watched him in that awsome film ‘Leon’. He is soooooo sexy! LOL

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Christopher Guest. The funny-tude of him just makes me giggle.

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Rose Mcgowan and Helen Mirren.

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I really don’t crush on celebrities.

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Got another one…. Idris Elba (he has got the sexiest voice ever!!)

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Definitely Uma Thurman, without even thinking.

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Allan Sugar

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Barry White

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Martin Clunes His acting talent and compassion for animals make me find him very attractive even though, looks wise, he’s no oil painting.

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Just thought of a few. A young Adam Sandler. I also like Andy Samberg.

I love my Jews.

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Niles from Frasier (the show)

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Jude, You just made me think of the Schlitz Gay commercial from SNL.

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Pink…. she rocks…. :-/

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@BeccaBoo For a second I thought you had written Janet Reno. I was all “whoa, now that’s unconventional.

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Tina Fey! lol!

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Hmm.. Nicholas Cage… I like men, really. Them being celebrities make it even easier :D So it’s hard to answer this question!

Russell_D_SpacePoet's avatar

Helen Mirren. She is something else.

Imadethisupwithnoforethought's avatar

Felicia Day. Something crazy sexy about her.

redfeather's avatar

Andy Samberg and Jonah Hill

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

Robert Shaw…..actually,he IS my type.
I like Steve Buscemi alot too,come to think of it

Hibernate's avatar

Queen Latifa. I never understood why I like her though.

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After starting to watch movies a lot lately, I’d say I have a crush on Ben Affleck.

KateTheGreat's avatar

Anthony Hopkins. Ohhh yes. Only old man I would date.

Blueroses's avatar

I’m really drawn to unconventional actors, particularly the ones who can play a bad guy with a sense of humor.
Bill Nighey
Christopher Walken
Zachary Quinto
Michael C. Hall
Tim Curry

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Tony Shaloub (from Monk)

David McCallum (from NCIS)

Simon Helberg (from The Big Bang Theory)

Garrett Wang (from Star Trek the Next Generation)

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Psst, @Kardamom : Garrett Wang was Harry Kim, from Voyager. Yes, I am just that geeky to know that off the top of my head. :-)
And I love your list!

Kardamom's avatar

@JilltheTooth OMG! You are so right. I was just watching STNG last night and that’s why I put that down. Also, I was trying to decide whether to list Garrett Wang or Bent Spiner (from STNG) because I find them both extremely hot! LOL

P.S. Simon Helberg reminds me of a young Ringo Starr! Squeeeeee!

JilltheTooth's avatar

And Monk. Oh, god, Monk! I love Monk!
Oh, and Ilya Kuryakin!

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@JilltheTooth You have no idea how much I loved Monk. His mannerisms and nervousness and germophobia reminded me a lot of a fellow that I loved a long time ago. I cried many tears while watching that show, especially the ones where they talked about Trudy, his wife. God, I’m going to start blubbering right now.

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Oh, good grief, @Kardamom , we’re just the Goober Girls today!

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Tim Robbins (Susan Sarandon’s ex) is someone who I think looks pretty un-celebrity like. I think he’s cute!

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Katy Perry and Ke$ha

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It’s a toss-up between Graham Norton and Dame Edna Everage. I’d follow both of them around the world if I could afford it. Dame Edna’s alter ego, Barry Humphries holds no interest.

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@Kardamom – I also have a huge crush on Data. Not so much Brent Spiner as himself, but as Data and Lore? Totally.

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Oooh, @Seelix , the whole good twin, evil twin thing…very hot.

ddude1116's avatar

Audrey Hepburn.


@Jude Me too.

I like Amy Winehouse.

redfeather's avatar

Aziz Ansari

tranquilsea's avatar

Jon Stewart

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Dean Martin. Is he unconventional? I’m not sure. The first time I saw him – after listening to him for quite awhile – I was shocked because I’d expected him to look different, and I thought he was really unattractive. But now I’ve acquired a huge crush on him.
Also, Alan Rickman. But a lot of people find him attractive too, it’s just odd because he’s old enough to be my grandfather.

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And Steve Martin.

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@Seelix Yes, it’s Data specifically who I love. He’s like Spock with a heart.

sorry I seem not to be able to type anything correctly these days, I meant to write Brent Spiner

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Ookay, I didn’t deserve those 2 GAs. Ben Affleck is not unconventional. (slaps forehead)
Sorry guys. I have a crush on this guy here. Bradley James. Eeek!

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Unconventional huh? The first person I can think of is Jayma Mays, I’d love to make her pb & j every day that would be hot. I’d bake the bread and make the jam and peanut butter from scratch of course.
Is Maggie Gyllenhaal “unconventional” because I’ve seen her in Secretary Stranger than Fiction and…

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I forgot to put down Guy Fieri from Diners Drive-ins and Dives. He’s a cutie and I just love his down to earth style (not that excited about his clothes, though, I’d rather see him in jeans and T-shirts).

And Bill Engvall from the Blue Collar Comedy troupe. He’s funny and handsome.

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Oh yeah. Guy Fieri is fun. I have a little thing for Alton Brown too .

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@Blueroses Me too! He’s a super smarty foody dudey.

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^^I like the word thusly.

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Hey, does @everephebe count as an unconventional crush??

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Not a celebrity so… No^

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A new Q just reminded me of my little crush on Jason Mewes. He always makes me laugh.

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@Blueroses and I were just talking about Kevin Smith movies, and I had to add Randal of Clerks and Clerks II.

Also, Kevin Smith, for that matter.

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@Seelix As long as it’s clear that you NEVER go A to M

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I call him a celeb because I feel he’s more a celeb than a Dr. but either way he’s my crush
Dr. Drew haha
and on the other end of the spectrum . . .
Howard Stern

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I have recently developed a crush on Katey Sagal in Sons of Anarchy!

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@JessicaRTBH Oh Yes! Dr. Drew Pinsky. He’s a handsome fellow isn’t he? He has a very soothing voice, too.

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These are all great choices! No shame at all! I love carrie brownstein from portlandia, funny chicks are super sexy. I also would do anything for susan surandon, sigourney weaver, and katy segal, who are all in their 50’s and 60’s.

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Vincent Cassell

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