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How do I clean my wooden cutting board?

Asked by truckling (68points) May 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

so it doesn’t always make the fruit I cut on it later taste like garlic? I’ve scrubbed it many times with soap and water

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Lemon and salt. Cut a lemon in half, put some coarse salt on the board, and scrub the board with the cut side down of the lemon. Then rinse it off.

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Baking soda will help, too – scrub it in with the lemon. Avoid cutting onions and garlic on that same board, and of course don’t cut meat on it.
You can rub the board with a bit of cooking oil if you like.

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If you are OK with it, a mild bleach solution and air drying will also do the trick. If you are not, hydrogen peroxide or straight vinegar will also sanitize it.

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I just put mine in the dishwasher. That soap has enough bleach to to do the job for me.

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my grandma had this wood oil stuff she used to clean a cutting block she gave me. it was old, from her mom. I have not seen an oil like that since she used it.

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Be careful with putting it in the dishwasher- I’ve had a couple cutting boards split right in half after going through just one cycle.

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Aside from the citrus and salt, which works best for me, always follow it up with oil. The stuff they sell in the store for blocks is crazy expensive…it’s just food grade mineral oil. Couple dollars from the grocery store.

The diswasher will warp and crack the board, as well as leave detergents in the food. You don’t want detergent in the food.

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