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Anyone know this Spanish song?

Asked by flash74686 (478points) August 10th, 2011

At cardio funk today, the instructor played this one song that was entirely in Spanish. It was fun, upbeat, but when I asked her about it, she said it was called Ave Maria. . . Like the carol, but not at all. I’ve been googling, but all I get is the Christmas song. Could I have heard wrong? Does anyone have an idea what this song could be?

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Ave María by David Bisbal.

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Was it a man or woman singing? Could it have been María by Ricky Martin?

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Oops, here is a link to Ricky Martin’s song.

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David Bisbal…..Ave Maria…..Ave David-ah!!! lol se me para el corazon lol

Great dancing song.

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The version I know of David Bisbal’s song is not high energy?

@bob_ Your link doesn’t open for me.

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@JLeslie Does it not open, or does it open but doesn’t play because of copyright issues?

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@bob_ It says could not load video. I think that happens sometimes with out of country videos. I don’t know why.

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@JLeslie Sounds like a browser thing. Keep trying, or try this one.

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Otra vez. No puedo verlo. Hopefully the OP can see it.

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I see it fine. Nice song. In the video, the singer points a lot.

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@bob_ Oh my god, that’s it! Thanks so much! (no worries about the link, it worked for me) Ahhh thank you thank you thank you. (!!!!!) I’m gonna be jamming to this all night long :)

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Maybe it is because I am on an Ipad?

@flash74686 Awesome that it is the right song!

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