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What is your favorite music video?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) May 3rd, 2008

it doens’t have to be your favorite song, for example, my fav. is pantera’s 5 minutes alone, i realy love all the close up and sowmotion on the instruments.
so what’s yours? not the song, just the video you love

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I want one of those t-shirts!!

I’m big on comedy value, so I’d go with All the small things or 1985

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Althogh, I do like the different speeds the guys move at in the American Idiot video

Or Gay Bar – not for the easily offended!!

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Rock DJ ‘graphic warning’ for the timid!

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ok go on the treadmills!

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I like the ok go ~ a million ways video,
pantera~cowboys from hell, and walk

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I love all of the red hot chili pepper videos

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That Pantera 5 Minutes Alone is cool.

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Anything panic at the disco.

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I believe in a thing called love, by the Darkness. Man, that video could give you nightmares. But it is super funny.

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Good one Les. Actually all of Darkness’ videos are pretty cool!

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Decade of Therion by Behemoth is a scary video. Those guys are EVIL! check it out on youtube

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I saw the Bombs Over Baghdad video by Outkast on acid one time. It was really neat I enjoyed the green orangutuan.

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Return to Innocence is an old one, but my favorite all time music video.

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It has to be Coffee and TV by Blur. Amazing!

Really, anything directed by Garth Jennings. This Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) one was pretty fab too! Bastardo by Charlotte Hatherley

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Best ever has to be this by Queen.

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There are too many, but here are 2 goodies:

ROCKIT by Herbie Hancock
I Wanna be Your Lover by La Bionda.

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You cant talk about awesome music videos without mentioning this

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@ubs- good call! Forgot about that classic.

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touch my body – mirah Carey

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A-Ha… did this not occur to me until now…?

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pst look 3 answers above yours ;)

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oops…..guess I better admit I didn’t go look (hangs head in shame)
To make up for it, here’s another funny one….it’s got vikings and everything: TÝR – Hail to the Hammer

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Not your conventional music video, but this one is just brilliant (and I double-checked that noone posted it already)

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I love how 80’s stuff like this has really come back with a vengeance.

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I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

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