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Maybe. How much you got?

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I have some leftover burrito fixin’s in the fridge.

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Cheap date. I didn’t even have to break out the tequila.

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Because you’re Mexican. Get it?

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Sí ;)

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Depends. How much were you looking to spend?

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That’s cool as fuck.

I guess nobody else clicked the link.

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Hooooooly sheet that’s awesome!

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so anything linking to a jellyfish now is considered Meta?


To answer the question; yes. A little plankton will get you a lot of lurve.

Oh, and Niki – tres cool.

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Send a very large check and let’s see.

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Half the money now, the other half after the job. Who’s the mark?

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Nope….but when I do something for ya I do expect some appreciation for what I did! ;)

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Plaid pants for my desk top?!

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Wow that would look cool on my desk at night. Or anytime, really.

Also, you cannot buy me! I’m my own person, with my dignity. I have my pride bitches, and…well, I’ll eat bugs for five bucks.

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I need this in my life.

I might be bought for the price of this tank and a few jellies to live in it.

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I think every jelly has their price. Highest bidder gets me.
Right now the jelly I’d like to buy is a Bonne Maman, which is about $4.99

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I want a jellyfish….

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