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Should i give her another chance?

Asked by ijustcantgetitright (1points) May 3rd, 2008

So there is a girl who i met recently and have really connected with and she reallly seemed like she was into me until i saw a comment on her facebook which basically said to some dude that we were just friends… if this was just a honost mistake of words that she regrets should i give things another try becuase besides that she is a great girl.

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You just met her why do you want to rush. Go out with her try to know her better as she will and you’ll probably end up with her.

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you just met her! You guys are just friends! Time will only tell what you will be in the future.

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The real question here is should she give you another chance? If you smother her and expect too much of her, she will drop you like a hot potato. Slow down!

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Go with your heart.

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I am not sure that what she did is a crime for which she needs another chance. You should give the budding relationship another chance.

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If she had said “he’s my new love”, would that not have made you run in the other direction screaming?
How big a commitment have you guys made at this point?

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How involved are you two? Are ya’ll having relations?

It sounds to me that you are at friend stage. Besides, that’s her facebook. Maybe don’t read it if what’s there will bother you, and that goes with any situation. I’ve heard about and seen so much lame drama via Facebook and Myspace. When I log in, I check my mail and bounce.

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Yeah, pretty much what everyone else says, but also know that many girls will deny a relationship when talking to other guys.

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Sure, I feel ya. Guys do it too, even though you may not. It seems to me it’s pretty common, especially for mid-twenty somethings. People like to keep there options open. I wouldn’t take it personally if I were you. It shouldn’t reflect on her character either.
Are you on the younger side?

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You need to listen to tom leykis before you decide

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well thanks every, i realized last night that im rediculous lol

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You’re not being ridiculous , just a little over exuberant. Just slow down a little and enjoy the pursuit!

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