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Do you drink tea?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) August 11th, 2011

I love love love drinking tea. Any tea really. Do you?

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I do. I love a cup of tea. I have green and white and black tea in my office at work too. So I can have the cup I desire, when I desire it!

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Yeah, why?

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I love tea. I can’t drink coffee because it makes me sick.

My current favourite tea is this one. A delicious buttered rum black tea.

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I am a tea lover! Sweet PG Tips or a srong Earl Grey are some of life’s comforts.

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No. I consider it dirty water.

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No…every cup I’ve ever had has tasted to bitter to me.

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Yes but not all the time.

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Iced tea (preferably Earl Grey) with no sugar and no lemon is my favorite drink in the whole wide world.

The one time that I got to go to England, I drank hot tea with milk every single day. It’s not bad, but I think I prefer it without milk. But when I was over there, I simply had to have it and it made me feel sooooooo British. I have a sick, sick problem. I admit that I Kardamom, am an Anglophile! Don’t even get me started on the clotted cream , such a naughty name for something so delicious! : – P

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I never drank coffee, but drank tea a lot. My favorite was Earl Grey with milk. I quit after my last dental appointment. I decided I’d rather have whiter teeth, I had gradually increased my intake of water, which I never much liked. Now I really like water, so no tea is necessary. I miss it, but I’m ok without it.

One of my favorite tea experiences was cherry blossom tea at a celebration of Japan’s girls’ day at the home of Japanese friends. The flavor was very delicate with a very faint salty tone. And if you haven’t tried popcorn tea. Try it. I’m not sure if it’s Chinese or Japanese, but it’s great and quite unusual.

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I prefer coffee.

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It’s pretty much the only thing that I drink. When I’m in places with iffy water, then I drink bottled water (and more gin, hold the ice), but at home I drink about a gallon of iced tea every day, year ‘round.

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I drink about 2 quarts of iced tea each day during the warmer months and a couple of pots of hot tea when it’s cooler. I love tea.

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Yes. I like basic tea, no fancy flavors. Just a little sugar added. Sometimes I purposely don’t mix in the sugar well so the last sips are very sweet. Yummy.

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I drink coffee every day, but I do enjoy the occasional cup of tea.

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Does anyone like that drink called the Arnold Palmer? Iced tea with lemonade. I love that! I think there’s an alcoholic version of it too, but I just mean the regular soft stuff.

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I like both tea and coffee. I find tea more refreshing, so I prefer tea rather than coffee first thing in the morning. I love Rooibos (redbush) tea. And Lemon & Ginger tea.

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Yes, I even grow my own chamomile and is the best cup of tea you will ever have! Yum

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I never drank tea before this year. A friend suggested I try drinking chamomile tea for my anxiety and it helped. I have some on standby for when I feel really anxious or an attack nears.

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I like Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Yorkshire Gold teas.

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I prefer tea than coffee. I drink red tea most of the time, sometimes I drink green tea, Chinese herbal tea, and lemon tea.

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I love tea. My fave is PG tips and English Breakfast. Also, Jasmine tea and green tea. I collect 1–1.5 cup teapots and accessories

@aprilsimnel I haven’t tried Yorkshire Gold teas. You didn’t mention this on the Yorkshire thread hehe

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I am normally a regular coffee drinker but I actually like alot of different flavors of tea, my friends family lives in England and when they come for a visit she will have them bring some of the teas not here in the US, I do have to admit they have some pretty great tea in England.

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I do.I grow chamomile tea that I drink out of a porcelain teacup that I made.:)

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Ew I really dislike tea. I’m more of a coffee person. Iced tea rocks though.

Anyone remember those Lipton Brisk iced tea commercials with Jacky Chan made out of clay lol?

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I drink quite a bit of tea. A lot of Chinese teas, but also rooibos tea, lemon zinger (and other fruity teas), and the occasional Earl Grey. I’ve been on a kiwi pear green tea kick lately.

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It’s cool and wet here today, and I had a cup of hot Assam tea. It was delicious.

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I used to drink a lot of tea, before I developed a Caffine Allergy.

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When I’m not making my own mixtures out of wild plants, I’m partial to Earl Grey. That is when I’m not drinking coffee.

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I’m a tremendous fan of green tea. However, most any tea suits me.

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All cold tea, I am more picky about hot tea. I hate, hate, hate sweetened tea, though.

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@Vunessuh camomile tea is vile stuff. It’s like drinking something that died in the garden. If I had to drink that it would make me more anxious!

@filmfann try Rooibos. It’s naturally caffeine-free

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Yes, but not often. I like very strong hot tea, but it never turns out quite how I like when I make it. I live for the free samples at Teavana though!
I also drink Snapple, but I’m sure that hardly counts. And I love a good sweet tea.
I’m more of a coffee drinker, if we’re taking sides.

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Black, Green, White, Oolong, With and without milk or sugar… I drink daily in many forms!

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