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What is a good song to play at a special tea event?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) August 11th, 2011

My grandmother is having a tea with all of her friends and she asked me to play my violin at it. Problem is, I don’t know what song to play. I can play anything, seriously. Just nothing to servere.

Any suggestions?

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What music does your grandmother like?

I’m 64. Is she about my age? If so, perhaps I can give you some suggestions.

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@Brian1946 She is 64 as well, anything good to play?

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I have a CD called Tea Time that contains several violin pieces. Maybe it will inspire you, if you can find it.

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Obviously this Beatles song.

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How about something Celtic like this, Boondock Saints Theme

This was amazing and sweet and not weird or freaky or too modern of popular sounding. I hope you like it. If not this particular song, then something else kind of upbeat, romantic and Celtic sounding.

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Ave Maria. Always a winner with the grandparents/tea crowd.
Or, Turkey in the Straw.

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Or you could always do some bluegrass, Cripple Creek or Constant Sorrow

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I have Irish songs, would that work?

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I have a lovely song, our canon in d

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How about looking for some Noel Coward or Cole Porter music?

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Tea for Two

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How about Tea for Two with you tap dancing as you play? Seriously, I’d like to hear classical music, what ever you choose. Makes the tea more elegant.

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“Daydream,” by the Lovin’ Spoonful!

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@blueberry_kid Irish or Celtic music would be fantastic!

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