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How do you change multiple jpgs or pdfs into a single pdf?

Asked by zina (1653points) May 3rd, 2008

I want to scan multiple pages into one pdf. I searched and found this:

… but the opening in Preview / printing / saving as PDF doesn’t work because it only “prints” (saves) whichever doc you have up on the screen at the time you do it (it doesn’t include the others from the drawer). My printer doesn’t have any button or software for multiple pages into one doc, but I can save as jpg, pdf, tiff, etc.

Any ideas?

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Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard will accomplish this. There are also a few freeware applications out there as well but I would have to dig them up. But a few important questions: what kind of scanner are you using? What scanning software do you use? What is your operating system?
Some versions of you scanning software will collate your PDFs as you scan them, but you usually have to have a sheet fed scanner to do so.

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I use a freeware I like called cutePDF

I scan my documents into a word file on my printer and then with cutePDF I can “print it” as a PDF

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mmmm I have a very basic hp scanner/copier/printer. i’m using OSX, and i have adobe reader 7.0.5.

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the software is “hp scan pro”

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Ah. Does the scanner have a page feeder, or flatbed only?

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Also, I just found a widget that will join pdfs for you:
I love that site, its full of great freeware. I have not used this widget, but give it a shot. Cutepdf is a great app, but works in Windows only.

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flatbed, i guess – like a copier

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Ok, then you can’t collate while scanning.

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cool – i’ll try the widget! thanks!

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You’re welcome.

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mmmm, clicking it brings up an error screen – but i can try others on that page…

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Here is another one: Sorry I can’t be more help, but I am on my Windows lappy today.

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i just downloaded that one… success!

the only glitch now is getting them to rotate correctly, which i’m still working on.

thanks so much!

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