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Where is the best cheesesteak near Laurel Md.

Asked by careerbassmaster (183points) August 11th, 2011

I am Looking to get the best cheese steak sub this weekend, I live in Laurel Md. I am willing to drive up to a half of an hour for greasy goodness. It has to be the best one I can get as I restart weight watchers on Monday. So the bigger, the tastier, the better.

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just sayin

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Do you have a Johnny Rockets near you? I just had a really great Philly cheesesteak there last weekend. I was craving it and it tasted soooo good!! It was better than the one I had in Philly. I must have gone to the wrong place!

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This may not be that good a bet but Jerry’s Pizza chain has them and though they’re not as authentic as those from Philly, one could be in your near proximity.

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Jim’s Steaks

4th and South St. Phila.

It really is worth the extra drive time.

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Actually the best cheesesteaks near Laurel, MD are going to be found in Delaware, at Casapulla’s in Elsmere, the Claymont Steak Shop, The Arden Sub Shop or at Capprioti’s. Just sayin’. Sorry, @blueiiznh and @Buttonstc, it’s just the plain, simple truth. Delaware cheesesteaks rule. The cheez whiz thing, that’s not the way we do it here. Provolone is the only proper cheese for a cheesesteak

Here is a list of the best cheesesteaks in Maryland, in someone’s opinion at least

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@lillycoyote Oh Jeez. Provolone? Whas dat? Ain’t nevuh hoid o dat. Dey ain’t got none o dat in Philly. Ony Cheez Whiz.

Hey! Whachoo got in Delaworn, anyway? A foodball team? A baseball team? Oh wait. Youse team’s in Philly. I fogot. Delaworn ain’t nuthin but a threadbare bum.

Cheesesteak? Delaware? You wouldn’t know one if it landed on your nose!

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