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What do you think of Ben Stein's thoughts on religion?

Asked by flo (11354points) August 11th, 2011

I don’t have detail to give.

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do you have a link or info about Ben Stein’s thoughts on religion?

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Well, for one thing he’s a rabid creationist- witness the horrid movie Expelled. So no respect for him here.

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Who’s Ben Stein and what are his thoughts? Without any info, how do you expect anyone to answer this question?

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I“m not sure if this is the best but,

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@gailcalled :: Bueller, Bueller, Bueller, Bueller…..

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Ben Stein is a rich millionaire that has an agent riding his ass to make more money and will say something/anything to get media attention and that is all that matters to them. I’d much rather sit in a coffee house and listen to what real normal folk have on their minds.

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Yes, he’s a creationist, so I don’t think very highly of his thoughts.

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I dunno. I giggled a bit at that video, and I guess I respect his views.

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He’s an idiot I mean, his ideas about religion are unqualified unless he’s studied a particular religion in depth rather than just interviewing people of his choice (which presents a narrow perspective of any one religion as well).

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Ryan, if Gail gets that reference, I’m gonna love her even more.

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I just did a bit of reading about the guy. I don´t agree with anything he has to say. Except perhaps that Al Franken is an impressive guy.

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I give his thoughts on religion as much thought as he has given to religion – no thought at all.

This shit whore says some really fucked-up things that I really don’t think deserve much refuting.

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@flo “I“m not sure if this is the best but,”

No not really about religion. That interview reveals Dawkin’s views on religion, not Stein’s. And then their discussion turned to one of Origins(which doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with religion). The only talk of religion on that clip was Dawkin’s firm rejection of them all, using the God of the OT as the main example.

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@breedmitch @johnpowell:

To be honest, I had to google it. Even then, out of context, it seemed an odd little trope. The only Bueller I am familiar with is Ferris. However, even as a very young man, Ben Stein had that irritation lack of inflection.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies right you are about the video. I didn’t watch it, I just expected there would be something there other than “so, you don’t believe in God?” I posted it for @quiddidyquestions and @gailcalled just for an idea.
This is better.
Why did Dawkins make himself available to Stein? That interview seems a waste of time.

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@flo – Dawkins, etc didn’t make themselves available for this film. They were told it was something else. All of them were quite surprised when they found out it was a complete lie.

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@tom_g I meant the interview, the first link I posted.

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OK, I’ve read the Wiki and actually just watched the Expelled vid on youtube. None of this has anything to do with Steins views on religion whatsoever. That’s all I know of Stein and that answer should satisfy the OP.

But I feel it appropriate to make a short commentary on the vid. It is very convoluted, to say the least. It’s just a bunch of opinions, with no science being discussed. There is no evidence presented from either side to support their positions. I do get the impression that the mainstream scientists are concentrating on debasing religion first, and secondly, making automatic associations between I.D. scientists with the religions they reject. This is unfortunate, for none of the I.D. scientists have mentioned a word about religion. It’s almost as if calling someone a Witch automatically sways opinion against them before their argument is ever considered upon its scientific merit alone.

Stein however is guilty of presenting an extremely editorialized documentary. Stein is blatantly attempting to sway sentiment in favor of I.D. And though his actual interviews do seem equally balanced, it’s difficult to take him completely seriously with all the 50’s style movie clips intended to mock the establishment. With all the boding music, Stein oversteps his editorial license by leading the viewer to believe his pre-established unspoken agenda.

His presentation may raise some questions, but it is nothing to build a world view upon.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Thanks. Much appreciated. It is insane how much we just need to call each other names, whenever we are stumped.

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