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Which city has the best nightlife?

Asked by Jellie (6489points) August 12th, 2011

I haven’t travelled much. I’d say on a scale of 1–10 it’s about a 5. But out of my travels I’d say I enjoyed the night scene the most at Blackpool (England). It was even better than London. I have heard Berlin is really nice as well (never been).

By night scene I mean clubbing, parties or anything crazy that goes on at night. Where have you had your craziest night? Which city did you like for this kind of entertainment?

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definitely Bangkok !!

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Blackpool? Really? Haven’t been there for many, many years but when I was there last it was all tacky, kiss-me-quick hats!

My night life exposure is a bit limited these days. I would say Sydney or Melbourne would be good bets for a good night out. I was there recently and was up late and the streets of Sydney were teaming with people at 2 am and you could feel the electricity.

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Every city has a nightlife. No matter where you go if there are a lot of people there you are bound to find a lot of night owls :)

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Its all about your timing, location comes 2nd.
And you can never predict where the magic will happen, Go with the flow… feel it.

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London, the shopping is much like a buffet in style, grab what you want & they even build “campfires” on those cold cold nights. It really is a riot!!

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Washington DC was a lot of fun back in the day. Haven’t gone clubbing there in over 15 years though. Also had a lot of fun in Cancun and Vegas.

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It’s a toss between Berlin and Bangkok. I lived in Berlin for a year and a half and Bangkok for a year. Both places had things happening day or night, 24/7, if you know where to go. Yes, Bangkok can be tacky on the surface, but again, when you know where to go, it’s a lot of fun.

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In the US, I’d vote for New Orleans and a night out on Bourbon Street. <—That video is a G-rated version of what really goes on there. If you want to see a typical night there, just watch some Bourbon Street or Mardi Gras videos on YouTube.

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New York City. Still the best.

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Newcastle. Howay, nee brainer like man pet.

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Vegas, baby! Disneyland for adults! WOOT! : )

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Paris and New York!

One of the wildest nights I ever had was a Wednesday night in Aspen, Colorado. Stayed at a hostel, and the people there took us to a locals party. I damn near came close to quitting my job in San Francisco and staying.

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My guesses (in the US) would be:
Las Vegas
New York

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London, Havana, Bangkok, Hamburg.

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Pattaya, Thailand is another good place. It makes New York, Vegas and New Orleans look like a McDonalds play place.

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“Moscow?” WTF??

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@CaptainHarley One of my favorite places in the world.

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Really? Say more, please! : )

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There are so many different clubs to go to (my favorite ones to go to are jazz clubs) and the people are GORGEOUS.

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@KatetheGreat if you want fit people head to Serbia, giant tall muscular men and stunning women, the city of Novi Sad in the first weekend of July is the best party ever

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I absolutely love Serbia. Serbian men are delicioussss. :)

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LOL @KatetheGreat

GO for it, girl! : ))

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@KatetheGreat last few times we went to Serbia my cousin found himself a wife !! She is tiny though, kinda looks like a 13 year old which makes me worry about my cousin, lol

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@KatetheGreat I’ve always wanted to goto Moscowwww. It’s on my list along with Tokyo.

@zenvelo that sounds like the kind of night I had in Blackpool. @Bellatrix I know BP is known for being a bit OTT and stuff but it was different and crazy and I met so many friendly, lovely people.

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The best kind of night is one where you come home with holes/ladders in your tights and you don’t care. Ahahaha

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@sarahhhhh one of the best nights we had was exactly one year before our wedding, we just realised that is was exactly one year to go so we decided to go out for dinner to celebrate our -1 year anniversary, then we went for a drink after and bumped into some friends who were going to a gig later so we tagged along with them and the gig turned out to be amazing, we then headed to my friends bar and met loads of people and all piled back to someone’s flat that was being evicted cos the building was up for demolition but they had the top floor flat and it had great access to the roof, it was right in the middle of Leeds and their last night there. We had plenty of DJ’s and sofa’s on the roof, danced as we watched the sun come up over Leeds. Ended up being a really great night out after what was at 7pm a suggestion of shall we go out for sushi.

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In the UK, I would have to say Manchester but I’m biased because that’s where I live. :)

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@downtide damn, I forgot all about Manchester, and I’m not sure why because the exact reason I left Manchester was because I was going out too much and couldn’t get anything done. Maybe that’s why I forgot

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And I am a Mancunian too @downtide and Manchester was certainly a party town when I was there and in that place (mentally and physically). I didn’t want to say Manchester though because I haven’t been there for so long. Glad to hear we’ve still got it!

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Sometimes the “best” nightlife is also the most peaceful. I fondly remember this neighborhood pub near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that was modelled after an Irish Pub. It was very relaxing and you could really enjoy a pint or two with friends. Had some great times there. : )

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@Bellatrix Manchester still has it. :)

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@downtide @Bellatrix I’ve had a few really good times in Manchester as well…. AAH I miss these places.

@RareDenver It’s so funny you related that incident. I was just thinking the best nights are those that you don’t plan. I had a similar night where we only went to this event in college which had free drinks. After that we met a few friends and went to the pub, then we went to another pub, then we went to someone’s flat (no idea whose) and proceeded to get wasted, then we got kicked out cause we were making noise, then we went to another person’s house and got baked and after that I think we went home :P Anyway I woke up with photos in my camera that I never remembered taking and some random people’s names on my hand. Awesome.

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