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Where can I find a list of suitable careers and jobs for me on the internet for Alberta, Canada?

Asked by talljasperman (21863points) August 12th, 2011

Other than this site

I would like a career that a person can start from High School and make a living wage plus more to pay for university.

I don’t have a drivers licence, and I’m looking maybe for office work that isn’t fast paced or stressful. I don’t want a cleaning or counting/stocking job, or a job folding or sorting laundry, nor a job with a cashier or if possible not serving the public.

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Are you in Jasper? There are still quite a few jobs in Calgary if you’re willing to move.

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@tranquilsea Yes I live in Jasper… I’m hoping to find my Ideal career choice before I leave Jasper.

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Calgary has a pretty good transit system. My hubby has ridden transit for 11 years now and he’s been posted all over the city.

Have you thought of talking to a temp agency and giving them your criteria? I’ve known a few people who have turned temps jobs into permanent ones.

There are lots of corporate centres here. Working at corporate fits with your criteria of not wanting to work with the public.

Have you checked out

My experience with job hunting is that you just have to get out there and pound the pavement.

If I think of anything else I’ll post. Good luck :-)

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Update I live in Red Deer now.

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