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How can I prevent accidental pasting in bash?

Asked by elliottcable (141points) June 17th, 2007

I run bash as my shell of choice; and I am always accidentally pasting the wrong block of text in there - it can get annoying really quickly.

I also use irssi as my irc client (irssi > *), and I love how it warns you if you paste something over 5 lines long, and lets you cancel instead of sending it. I'm wondering if there is an extension of some sort to bash that enacts paste-protection like this. Anybody know?

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bash is old enough that I doubt anyone has put something like that in. Might be something better implemented in the terminal-- are you using a local tty or some sort of remote terminal app?

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Ben, I'm using OS X 10.4. Bash is the default shell, and so far I love it (-:
Would you recommend a shell change?

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No, but I might recommend a terminal change (=

Are you using the built-in Apple terminal?

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Yep. Don't suggest iTerm - I tried it for a while, couldn't see the point really. And mostly, I use too many macs; I don't like having crutches that I require that don't come default on a system for that very reason d-: hehe

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there is no paste prevention built into bash... and i don't like iterm either...

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Sam - would you suggest something else?

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oh, i use the built in terminal. for me, terminal work doesn't need anything fancy: text in and text out and get it done. of course, i also like textedit better than almost any other text editor, so maybe i'm weird...

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Well... you could just write paste protection into bash ( or iterm ( =)

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